Wyze Headphones Noise Cancelation Shutting Off Randomly

So, my headphones usually work without issue, but when they shut off noise cancelation for no reason, they usually start doing it over and over. I’ve had to turn noise cancelation back on anywhere from ten to a hundred times during one of these infuriating malfunctions. Does anyone know how to fix this? You would think turning these headphones on and off during one of these boughts would stop these malfunctions, but it often doesn’t.


No idea on a fix, but I’m having the exact same issue. Two things I’ve noticed that may be of some use…

  1. When it happens, it tends to happen in bunches…can be fine for a while, but then will shut off every few seconds to couple minutes until it magically starts working again.
  2. It seems to be more of a problem when I’m on calls. Still does happen when just listening to music or trying to avoid some of the noise from my kids, but that seems to be rarer.
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I hope there’s a fix…same here

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I’m about to throw it away just because of that.

At first, I recommended this headphones to everyone, but now I say it’s not worth because of this exact problem.

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Has it been fixed?

No. And it has been getting worse for me. To the point I have to control myself everyday to not slam it to the floor after having to unpause a player 5 times in a row.

I don’t think it’s gonna be fixed.

Looking for a replacement headphone (another brand, obviously).

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I’m having the same issue, primarily when connected to my computer. First thought is that it may have something to do with the driver. Lots of trouble with drivers in windows 11. Trouble is that if I am listening to music and the device randomly switches out of noise cancellation, the music stops and I have to press play again. With a new desktop I just purchased (modern Bluetooth antenna and hardware) Wyze Cups hiccup about twice a second making it impossible to hear the music. Need to diagnose and fix this issue.