Noise Cancellation mode turning off randomly while using

First let me say I love the noise cancellation feature on these headphones! Working in a woodshop with loud tools these are very effective. The trouble I’m running into is that the headphones switch into transparency mode seemingly randomly thus drastically amplifying the ambient (loud!) noise. I can hit the left button to re-activate noise cancelling, which works only temporarily before they switch back out of that mode. I haven’t been able to determine what is causing this as sometimes it is within a few minutes of use, other times it might not happen for 20-30 minutes. I have yet to be able to wear these for more than 20-30 min with uninterrupted noise canceling, having to re-engage the mode with the left button. This has happened with the headset paired to my Iphone as well as to my PC and always while music is playing (the music is not interrupted or paused when this occurs). Anyone seeing the same thing? Any fixes out there? Thanks!


I’m seeing the same thing. My headphones are also connected to both my phone and my pc at the time. NC seems to turn off after a short while, not sure when. I keep having to turn it back on.

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Anything from a Wyze professional on this? I’ve submitted trouble tickets (no response). This is very frustrating and can be unsafe when working in a loud environment. I would like to see this issue resolved if I am to continue using (and recommending) the Wyze Headphones.

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@remsburgler did you ever find a solution to this? I just received a replacement pair of headphones which is having this same issue…

I also received a replacement pair and have not had any problems with the new set as of yet. I’m not sure if it was a hardware or software issue but the new pair works great.

I have the same issue and would love to know Wyzes reason and hopefully a fix for it. It is frustrating constantly wondering if ANC is turned on or not. I have noticed nose cancelling turns off frequently right after I adjust my headphones on my head. At first I thought I might have been accidentally hitting the ANC button or triggering the auto-pause function, but I was not (and I disabled auto-pause to test).

Why did each of you get a replacement pair? Was it due to this issue or something else?

I’m seeing the same thing. Especially when connected to my laptop for audio calls, the noise cancellation just randomly turns off. It seems to be after a set period of time. I’ve been hoping it would be fixed in one of the many updates that come out.

But still… they were dirt cheap for the quality I’m getting… if this is how it is… it’s worth it!

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I’ve been having this issue for a while and it is extremely annoying. Sometimes it happens several times a day right after the other, sometimes it only happens once or twice a day. Today, I’ve had NC turn off at least a dozen times. I keep turning it back on, but it won’t stay on. Please get this figured out, Wyze! I want to love these headphones because they are so comfortable, but this constant turning off of the NC is driving me to search for other options.

I’ve been having the same issues. I use my headphones to connect to my LG tv. Sometimes I have these headphones on all day (a testament to their comfort). Sometimes the NC works fine then other days my arm gets sore from having to reach up to turn the NC back on.

Before this issue my headphones would auto-mute pretty much on their own. Sometimes it just took me adjusting the headphones or slipping a finger under the ear cup to scratch my ear. The only way to get the sound back would be to take the headphones completely off then put them back on and that didn’t always work. Then I would have to turn them off, turn them back on and reconnect them to my tv. I turned off all the auto-mute settings in the app and haven’t had any problems with it since.

My guess is that the initial software was/is buggy

This has been happening to me randomly over the last several months, but today, I’ve had to turn NC back on more times than I can count, and when it pops off, it stops whatever audio I was listening too. I’m only connected to my phone playing Spotify and there aren’t any background apps open, so I’m at a loss. Was there ever a fix for this? Or did Wyze ever come out with a statement on why this is happening?

Just wanted to chime in and say this is a problem for both pairs of headphones that I own. They both randomly exit NC mode and I have to press the button on the left earpiece to re-enable it. It seems to coincide with Spotify starting a new song, but otherwise there is no other apparent cause.

Note that I’ve got all touch controls and other ‘extra’ features disabled.

Can we please get someone from Wyze to respond? I’d love to know if this is a widespread issue or maybe only common for early pairs of headphones? Both my pairs are from the presale I believe.

This is the only problem I’ve had with them, otherwise they are great! I can’t recommend them unless this issue is fixed, as others have previously said, this could be a safety issue.

Additional note, this also happens in the middle of a song, as it just happened to me again! Also, I’ve been watching on the Wyze app and it still says the NC is on when it happens.

Wyze sent me a replacement set of headphones and they had the same problem. The headphones finally developed a buzz in the right ear and I totally gave up on them. I invested in a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones during the Christmas sales and threw my buzzing Wyze headphones in the garbage. I’m generally a big fan of Wyze products but the headphones have been a total failure in my experience.

Wyze seems to disdain any sort of written support. I have emailed them and contacted them on Twitter seeking support and in both instances they have insisted that I call them before they will do anything.

Any update on this? My headphones keep turning off noise cancellation randomly and sometimes constantly. It also pauses video while watching and turning off noise cancellation. No updates to firmware available.

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The only fix I could find for the frustrating noise cancellation problem was to toss the damn things in the trash. The final straw came when the right side of the headphones developed a buzz for seemingly no reason. For all the things that Wyze got right, they dropped the ball big time on the headphones.


Wow, I was just doing my research on these headphones before buying. These issues seem to have not been fixed since last year or beyond is quite concerning. I was almost sold, but now I think I’ll be a bit more patient.

Ugh, just completed a 2.5 hour flight where this must have happened 2 dozen times. I’m done, Wyze doesn’t seem to want to say or do anything about it. Threw them in the trash while waiting for baggage.

Same issue here, has been happening on and off for months, dozens of times today, very frustrating, am I supposed to just throw them out? Can we get any help at all please?

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Thank you. I will report this

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Any update on this? I can have sessions where NC stays on the entire time, and then other sessions where it turns off randomly every minute or five.