Headphones switching to transparency mode randomly

Hi all, having a strange problem with my headphones and have tried rebooting them, updating firmware, etc. as suggested by Wyze support.

The problem: the headphones will seemingly at random switch from noise cancellation mode to transparency mode. The voice saying “transparency mode” does not happen, and the audio does not disconnect, it just suddenly and inexplicable changes (I can tell by the amplified background noise of course). When I hit the mode change button, it will change back to noise-cancellation mode (including the voice indicator).

Has anybody else experienced this? Any suggested solutions? Thanks very much.


I had this happen last night. Thought at first it was because I leaned on them and hit a button, but like you said,. No voice.

App said it was off (despite being on) but turning on then off turned transparency mode off.

Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy and alone in this :slight_smile: the problem is still happening for me, sometimes very often, sometimes pretty rarely. Still no ideas as to what to do.

This happens all the time for me. Do you have your headphones connected to multiple devices? Seems like this was the issue for me but I don’t have any long term solution. I setup the headphones first to my iPhone using Wyze app. I also paired to my Mac, so when I’m listening on my Mac and when I get a notification on my iPhone that makes a sound it seem to switch to the iPhone and back to my Mac, When this process happens, seem like it goes into transparency mode. However, frustrating part is that it doesn’t happen every time. The work around I have is to disconnect manually from my iPhone when I’m listening on my Mac.

I have this same issue. Exactly. I have sent logs to Wyze support but they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. This has been going on for months and it took me a while to realize it so it most likely has been going on the entire time I’ve been using these. It’s a real pain and it does happen all of the time.

Okay, so I just got off chat with support. It took a while but in the end I was told that this is a know issue and ‘maybe’ it will be handled in the next firmware update.

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Thanks for the update. I had a few messages back and forth with Wyze support several weeks ago that were really just unproductive and I don’t think it was a known issue at the time. After waiting several days for each support response, I finally gave up when the suggestion was to make sure I took the stickers off of the headphone cans :confused: :confused: they did send me a replacement which has been working perfectly, so I thank them for that.

I really hope the issue is identified and fixed, it was driving me absolutely nuts.

I’m still having this issue but it only seems to happen after powering on and connecting to my phone and work laptop. It usually occurs after 5-7 minutes of being connected. Once I flip it back on it rarely occurs again. Glad to see it wasn’t only me.

Hopefully they get this sorted…it’s damn annoying.

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I’m about to throw it away just because of that.

At first, I recommended this headphones to everyone, but now I say it’s not worth because of this exact problem.

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Likewise. I still love the sound and the battery life - can’t beat it for the price. They run an update few months ago to improve the Mic performance dramatically (previously I could not use them to talk).

But now I have the same problem NBNB having - watching company meeting and it’s randomly disabling Noise cancellation and pauses any players, essentially disconnecting.

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Has this issue been resoolved?

No. And it has been getting worse for me. To the point I have to control myself everyday to not slam it to the floor after having to unpause a player 5 times in a row.

I don’t think it’s gonna be fixed.

Looking for a replacement headphone (another brand, obviously).

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Me neither, thanks for replying.

Hey everyone, If you are still having these issues. Next time it happens can you send in a log and tag @WyzeJasonJ the number.

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Just got a set and I have been having this issue non stop. Connected to computer only by Bluetooth, listening to a song or video, not touching the headphones and suddenly ANC cuts out (with youtube this results in the video/song pausing). I setup the headphones on my phone (android) but turn BT off on the phone so the headphones don’t auto connect to it when I’m trying to use them with computer. I will look for logs to send in, but not sure where to even begin looking for that seeing as I’m not connected to phone/app at the moment.

Got the current version of headphones in white. Connected to app/phone first then connected to my windows laptop via bluetooth method. If a sound is played on either device it throws the headphones into transparency mode without the audio telling me, within a few seconds it will turn transparency mode back off or it sometimes needs another sound played to turn it off. I can also manually turn it off by using the “cover” operation method.