Ability to disable auto swithcing from noise cancelling to transparency mode

Hello all,
I am posting here because I really love the noise cancelling headphones Wyze has, but there is one very annoying feature that occurs all the time that I just hate. The feature is when the headphones automatically switch between noise cancelling and transparency mode. I love the feature where you can put your hand over the right ear cuff and head someone talking, but I do not like when I adjust my headphones then all of a sudden transparency mode kicks in when I never switched it to it manually with the physical button. I also wear hats a lot with my headphones and when I have it on noise cancelling, sometimes it will just randomly switch to transparency and when I try to switch back to noise cancelling, it just goes back to transparency. This is super super annoying and I would just LOVE if there could be a toggle switch that says “Disable auto switching between noise cancelling and transparency mode.” Wyze Devs, as a fellow software engineer, please add this feature! Thank you!

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There is no “auto switching between noise cancelling and transparency mode” to disable. It sounds like you may have a defective unit. I would suggest contacting Wyze Customer Support for assistance or possible replacement: