Noise cancellation not as good as it used to be

Has anyone owned these since their first release and noticed that the noise cancellation is not as good as it was? The first time I used these and before any firmware updates these things would leave you able to see people’s lips move and not hear a word that they say but after the updates I can now hear the ‘outside world’ perfectly just not as loud. I miss these headphones blocking out sound, noise, conversation and now the only way to use them is with music playing loudly to block out the background noise. Is there any way to get the original firmware? It did what I needed it to do, it blocked out everything. Yes, I’d be losing features that came with the updates but I would gladly give them up to get the superior noise cancellation. Please, somebody help me with a way to get back the original noise cancellation because it worked.


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Hi, to me it sounds like you have turned on Transparency Mode. It picks up the surrounding sounds and amplifies them. Are you able to toggle Transparency Mode on & off.

I don’t have access to the manual/guide, but you are meant to be able to switch between High ANC (active noise cancelling), Low ANC, and Transparency mode in the Wyze app and on the headphones.

Edit: here’s the page from the manual

from the post by R.Good:

I’ve owned these since they were first released and like much of Wyze devices, they were released with a very beta firmware and many initial updates. I have no problem switching through the 3 modes and know how to use them. But like I said the ANC isn’t nearly as strong as it was in the first few firmwares. In fact, the ANC was startling in the first firmware releases. It has been reduced and I am assuming that was done to make people more comfortable but I really miss the much stronger ANC. So, thank you for your response but it’s not operator error, it is a change that I would like to roll back and like I said, I would happily give up the additional features and functions to return to the superior ANC.