Wyze Headphones Firmware 2.1.126 Released - 3/22/21

Howdy, Forum Friends!

Wyze Headphones firmware 2.1.126 is releasing! We added a Noise Cancellation Off mode, optimized call experience and quality as well as auto-pause accuracy, and fixed bugs related to auto power-off and firmware updates. :headphones:

Read our Release Notes:


So, after getting the message last night of the new version, which I declined to update as I wanted to use them then and update later, now it says they’re up to date on 2.1.112, and I’m not able to update the firmware. Deleted them, re- added them, but same deal. Not able to update…

On the release page, it says “Note: This update has been paused while we investigate issues reported by customers after the update. We apologize for the inconvenience.”


As stated by dpryan, this update has been paused while they investigate some reported issues. Hopefully they get those fixed and it gets resumed soon.


Ah, sorry I missed that! Thanks!

Yes the call quality has been horrible out of the box. Otherwise I love the headset sound quality and active noise cancellation in my office environment. I no longer have to sit and listen to other phone conversations, loud typing and annoying notifications from everyone’s phone/computer!

The headphones firmware has been released again. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


New update forces me to cycle between all three noise cancellation modes with the button on the left earcup. I greatly preferred the previous iteration where it only went from noise cancelation to transparency mode and back. If this could be added back in as an option, I would love it. Either to be able to pick which two options you switch back and forth between, or to be able to pick if you want to cycle through all three options or only two.

Otherwise, I like the addition of “no noise cancelation”. I wear these when walking sometimes and the wind noise absolutely wrecks the experience.

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Yup. Picked up the update last night. Auto pause is somewhat improved, but not 100% yet :). Not a deal breaker for me tho at all. The addition of noise cancellation off is a good option to have. But I noticed the headphones no longer default to noise cancellation on after turning them off and back on again. I preferred knowing what mode they’re on when turning them on, vs having to cycle through now 3 settings before knowing what setting they’re on.
But otherwise, I really love these headphones! Excellent value and quality. The 1/4 stereo jack is especially good to have as I can use them w my TV,. Got a nice long 15 ft cable and works great. Movies have never sounded better!

I hope this fixes the call quality of the mic people can’t seem to hear me and I have to switch to my old plantronics mic while wearing these :rofl:

People still can’t hear me on MS Teams calls

Just wanted to put this out there and figured this is the best post.
Is it just me or does it sound like the voice is saying “Power Off” when turning on the headphones? I can swear that’s what it says.

Please go back to old sequence method for modes (Transparency)

See the great review on YouTube.

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I agree,. For the price these are an amazing value. I absolutely love mine for all the reasons he mentioned. I don’t use mine for calls/ video chats, so I can’t speak to that, but for music and TV I’m over the moon with them.

I just updated mine. It took some time (but not the ‘up to 30 min’ inicated). It all seemed fine and downloaded, rebooted and got to 99%. Then, an error message about the ‘update failed’. Hmmm. I went to the app and discovered that, despite the ‘update failed’ message, I’m on 2.1.126. Weird, just repoting this as a potenital bug…

Can a firmware update be removed from a device? After updating my headphones last night they now will not turn off?