Wyze Headphones Firmware 2.1.111 Released - 12/14/20

Wyze Headphones firmware version 2.1.111 is releasing today! This has fixes for issues such as microphone volume being too low, audio stuttering with Android, disconnection issues with Macbooks, and has more improvements.

Read our Release Notes:


Just updated, the audio stutter seems to be gone now. I was able to get around it previously by turning Bluetooth off on my phone leaving the headphones only connected to the computer. But now I can leave both turned on without stutter allowing me to control and adjust the headphones with the app.

Hopefully the power off issue also works out, too early to tell.

Great work!

I see an improvement, but not a complete fix, for the low microphone volume on phone calls issue. I can get the microphone volume to be loud enough, BUT I have to tilt the headset to where it is so far back the headphones start to fall off my head. (I am using an iphone 12 pro max.)