Wyze App, Headphones, Buds Pro, and Cam v3 Updates! - 11/3/21

We have a lot of software releasing today so get ready!

Wyze app 2.25+ is releasing today! If you purchased a Wyze Watch 47mm C, this is the update you need to set it up. :watch:

The updates for Wyze Headphones and Wyze Buds Pro improve auto-pause for the headphones, add a Noise Cancellation Off touch control option for the buds, and fix some bugs. :mute:

Wyze Cam v3’s update today allows users to unpair Wyze Lamp Socket from a camera and includes some bug fixes and security improvements. :lock:

To wrap it all up, here are the version numbers releasing today!

Android app: 2.25.31
iOS app: 2.25.32
Wyze Headphones: 2.1.143
Wyze Buds Pro:
Wyze Cam v3:

Read our Release Notes:


I downloaded today’s app update on Google Play, and the swiping issue still exists. If you start at the top of the list of unseen videos, open the first and start swiping, the 2nd video is always skipped. Thanks.

[Mod Edit]: Your request was merged to this topic since it involves an issue and not a request for a Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.


Confirmed that this is an Android app issue. Swiping from 1st Event to 2nd Event results in display of 3rd Event. Swiping back from 3rd Event to 2nd Event results in display of 1st Event. Issue also exists in previous Android app 2.25.22 and current Android beta app 2.26.16. Issue is not present under iOS.


Reporting the swipe issue now, @KarlWS and @Seapup! Could you please send in logs and post the log numbers here?


Done! Log #345329



Android production app 2.25.22 Log ID: 345633

Android production app v2.25.31 Log ID: 349104

Android beta app 2.26.16 Log ID: 345604


The above submitted log is for v2.25.31.


Sync Time still fails using this new Android App version on the V2 and Pan1 cameras.
V3 and Doorbell sync time fine.

@WyzeGwendolyn: I figured out what the problem is… a new Cam Plus “ad” has been added to this release. The ad is supposed to be placed in-between the 1st and 2nd event to show how CP can make the 2 events seamless. But there is a bug where the 2nd event overwrites the ad placeholder. The logic assumes the 2nd event is an ad, so swiping from 1st to 2nd jumps over the ad to the 3rd event. Problem is that the ad isn’t always displayed. In fact, I can’t figure out why/when the ad is displayed as it isn’t consistent. I’ll try to grab a screenshot of the ad problem if I run into it. May take a while. Note to devs: all of my cams are on CP and the ad shouldn’t be displayed at all.

Edit: Added screenshot:

Edit: still getting “Upload failed” when attempting to submit log from Android app 2.25.31.

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It would be nice if they could block the insertion of that Cam Plus advertisement for those of us that have Cam Plus Unlimited!

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Android production app v2.25.31 Log ID: 349104 corresponds to this scenario/screenshot:

So I updated my Pros to this version because " Added a Noise Cancellation Off option for touch control". Either I’m losing my eye site or this option is not in this firmware. Can someone help me?

So, am I understanding this correctly. The nice folks at Wyze have inserted intrusive advertisements into the latest app, IOS 2.25.32? And ads are screwing up the EVENTS page?

Why did Wyze decide to pepper us with ads … when we all paid in full for all our Wyze products?

Can someone explain this logic to me?

I’m kinda slow … but I find this new feature really insulting. I understand sending various promos via texts and emails. But to subject us to a continuous stream of ads while using products we own?

Or is Wyze going to offer us an “Ad Free” version for the Wyze app for an upcharge in the near future?

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Any new news, here? I just downloaded today’s Google Play app update, and the swiping issue still exists. Thanks for all you do!