Wyze Headphones Firmware Beta Testing 2/22/2021


2.1. 126


  • Added a Noise Cancellation Off mode
  • Optimized call experience and quality
  • Improved the auto-pause accuracy
  • Fixed a firmware update bug
  • Fixed a bug that caused the auto power off to activate when in a call

Thank you very much for adding ANC OFF mode in app and on button! Couldn’t stand mic static in Transparency mode.

And thank you for remembering mode on headphones restart.

Updated with no issues. Will report if anything comes up.


Still no update on Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (WYZE App v2.17.31 BETA)

Still have it randomly powering off during calls/ Teams meetings.

Went 1 hour once today then powered off. 3 others times it powered off was random at 23, 31 or 18 minutes.

After update I get weird static when I disconnect a device from the headphones.
(My phone and laptop both connect when I turn them on, and then I go into phone settings and disconnect them)
Pixel 2.

And still no update…

What version are you on? If I go into the Wyze app, click on the headset go to device info it show 2.1.82. However, If I connect the headset and look at device info it shows 2.1.126. Not sure why that is. Which is why I was asking.

2.1.82, connected or not.

When is the next update?

Sorry, no idea. It would be cool to see what is in their development pipeline. They have a couple pages but they aren’t maintained with great or up to date detail in regards to what is being worked on or new.

@WyzeGwendolyn is anyone going to respond with a proper fix and timeline?

Was hoping yesterday’s headphones firmware update fixed this, per their release notes. Nope! 45-min into a call and they did the exact same thing. So freaking annoying.

V 2.1.126 fw installation resulted in severe static / noise in both Automatic Noise Cancelling mode and transparency modes. Makes headphones totally useless. Problem did not exist in previous fw. Only showed up in v2 1.126. Turning off ANC results in no static / noise. Paired with two devices (Toshiba Fire TV and Pixel 4XL). Turning off bluetooth on either does not fix problem. Deleting bluetooth connection and re-adding device does not fix problem. Deleting headphone in Wyze app and re-adding does not fix problem. I want to return to previous fw level. How do I do this?

Sad sad sad that Wyze is not updating us all on a fix. Meanwhile I get an email about being an earlier supporter of the Wyze headphones and a code to purchase another one at 10% off.

I just ordered a new headset for $49 but not from Wyze.

An update to the buzzing/static/interference heard during ANC and transparency modes: Wyze had no solution with the current headphones despite multiple suggestions received via email. But to their great credit they quickly replaced the headphones and the new ones work fine. The firmware on the new headphones is v2.1.121 which is likely the release prior to the 2.1.126 with which I had the buzzing/static/interference. I’ll not update the new headphones until some later release. I want to especially thank Mary in Wyze’s customer service group for working this issue.

So far the Jlab GO Work is very stable. Mute button is awesome. The ear pieces are not as comfortable as the Wyze headphones but that maybe that I used them for 6-8 hours a day across 3 days and not a single crash. How it should be with stability. Still hoping for a fix from Wyze but in the meanwhile they are collecting dust.

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