Wyze Headphone Noise Cancelling/Transparency OFF Mode

It would be a great feature to have Noise Cancelling, Transparency, and OFF Modes. Currently Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency are the only modes available. Adding “OFF” to turn the external microphones off, would help using the headphones outdoors or windy areas.

Similar to Air Pod Pros:

AirPods Pro have three noise-control modes: Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and Off.


Yes, Agree 100% - noise cancellation gives me a headache but I do need it sometimes (e.g. airplanes, construction outside, etc).

When I ordered I didn’t realize there was no “off” switch for noise cancellation (still don’t see any notes about that in the product page) - definitely a deal breaker for me. (All other headphones with ANC have an option to turn it off)

Agree – this sadly is a dealbreaker for me too

It would be Ideal to have wyze headphone with noise cancellation for Gun Range. Suppresses gunshot noise and amplifies low sounds.


Yes. This is a no brainer, allow a setting to completely turn off any noise canceling feature including transparency mode.

Completely agree, when walking the dogs the wind noise can make listening impossible


A full “off” option for ANC would be really ideal. Love everything about the headphones so far, except this missing feature.

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Upon further usage of the product, the “passthru” setting is actually my preferred option, even if a full “off” option is added. Most situations where I would want this off, I actually just want to hear whats around me, and passthru allows this better than entirely turning off ANC would.

Turning off ANC entirely could still be desireable for users who dont like the effect of ANC in any form, or if it has battery-saving potential.