Wyze Headphones randomly shut off

Hello, I had been using the Wyze Headphones for many months without issue, now they randomly shut off and turn back on while I am using them. Battery is fully charged.

Model: WNCH1
Firmware: 2.1.143
Plugin Version: 2.49.03

Bluetooth interference could possibly do this and what I would expect to be it (it shouldn’t be if it happens and you have the device and the headphones right near each other without anything between or anything near like other electronic devices).

But, the headphone firmware and device Bluetooth stuff can also be where a problem is.

Rare things could possibly be the volume or output audio device on the connected device you’re listening from could be changing from something going on there whether you know about it or not (so you should confirm on a different device).

Possibly other reasons can exist. Its obviously not the battery if they go right back on.

I think wonky Bluetooth does seem likely if the audio is just dropping out and returning. Since @silverminer67 said that “they randomly shut off and turn back on”, I wonder about the actual user experience: Do you actually hear the “power off” and “power on…connected” voice prompts from the headphones—indicating that power is actually cycling—or is the experience more about the loss and return of audio? Answering that might help to focus the troubleshooting.

Yes, I hear “Power Off” then shortly, “Power On. Connected”

That’s weird. If nothing is unintentionally interfering with and pressing the power button, then I don’t have any other ideas off the top of my head.