Wyze Headphones Sound cutting off

The audio from my headphones is cutting off a lot, I can’t use them, for example, I have the headphones connected to my laptop and iPhone, and I am hearing something on the laptop, when I take my phone to text something or search for something the music will cut off and be very distorted when I write, that is because the phone is doing sounds with the keyboard, but they are small sounds and should work fine, but it doesn’t, so when I take my phone I have to pause the music and then resume, and that is a pain.

Are you on the newest firmware(2.1.111)?

Yes, I am very mad because they just don’t work, is a mess when I am listening to music on my laptop and I want to head an audio message on my phone I pause the music on the laptop and I cant make the headphones play on the phone even when they are connected and the laptop is not playing anything so I have to turn off the headphones to hear, also when I am in a zoom call the headphones randomly turn off and turn on again automatically or they just turn off without doing anything, that is happening always, so everything is a mess.

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Regarding audio cutouts while using Dual Connect, this seems to be a common issue with these headphones. I have to clear the connected device list each time I use it to avoid cutouts or not being able to play from a device at all. See below for details:

Regarding it randomly turning off, I haven’t experienced that. However you can try turning “Auto Power Off” to “Never” within the Wyze>Headphones App settings.

Now my right earcup started sounding less than the left one, it is a shame that Wyze was such a great company and then they started to sell crap and present 30 new bad devices, even big companies know that they have to focus on one key product not everything.