Headphones sound cuts out intermittently

Got my Wyze headphones connected to my PC via bluetooth and the sound cuts out intermittently,

Any advice on how to fix this?


It’s hard to know what’s causing this, but if you have a phone or other devices you can test it on that would help narrow it down.

It’s only an issue on my computers, not my phone. I was experiencing the same issue on 2 different computers as well with 2 different sets of headphones. One on my brand new laptop, and one on the computer I use at my office.

Are these both windows computers? Also, we’re both sets of headphones Wyze?

Yes both Windows and both Wyze headsets. One is Windows 10, one is Windows 11.

Try this:

There are lots of issues with windows and bluetooth headphones, its not a wyze specific issue. That doesn’t mean that all brands headphones will behave the same, some may play nice other will have this issue.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue for you, search “Windows bluetooth audio cutting out” on google, there are lots of things to try.

I hope this resolves it for you!

Could be the Bluetooth chip on your PC/laptop that has implementation issues.
One thing you could do is to get a cheap Bluetooth dongle from Amazon and test with it (disabling the native one).

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Thank you! The troubleshooter seems to have fixed the issue!

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Awesome, I’m glad that worked for you!

If you don’t mind marking my post with the link as solved to help other users find the solution faster that would be great.