Issues with Wyze Headphones on Win 10

I have owned the headset for a long while but finally set it up recently. I paired it to both my phone and my windows 10 desktop. It works great, for the most part.

One issue I am experiencing is after 10-20 minutes of using it on my desktop it’ll start ‘clicking’ like it’s cutting out, but every 1-2 seconds it clicks off and on it seems like.

Is this a known issue with a resolution or does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? I have tried it with bluetooth turned off on my phone and the same thing happens.

After a few minutes, or turning the headset off and then back on usually solves it, but this is a rather annoying issue.

I only set up with laptop this morning. I noticed there were two Wyze bluetooth profiles in the list of devices when pairing. One was to connect as a device, the other said “audio” under it. I picked the audio profile. Once set up, is shows both voice and music as an Audio device. I have been using for 90 mins and working as expected so far. Will report back if anything changes.

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