Updated Headphone to Newest Firmware. Dropping Sound Now

I searched the forums and don’t quite see what I’m looking for so asking here.

I just updated the Wyze Headphones firmware to the latest version and now it will randomly drop all audio on Windows. I have connected to my computer via BlueTooth.

For example, I’ll be listening to music, I’ll pause the music then switch to another app, YouTube for example. The YT will play fine, but as soon as the video is done, I pause it or switch back to music, the headphones don’t play any sound.

Sometimes turning them off and on will solve the problem, but it’s been increasingly failing. I’ll reboot them, re-connect them, and unpair then re-pair, and the problem will persist.

I’ve used other BlueTooth headphones with my computer and have not had the same issue, so it’s the Wyze Headphones.


I can’t tell if my situation is the same or not, but my headphones have started connecting to my iPhone 12, play audio for roughly 10 seconds, and then stop. The audio will keep rolling on the iPhone, but not play through the headphones even though the device is still connected.

One new detail: I hear it say “connected” twice with two different following beeps. I don’t remember it ever saying “connected” twice previously.