Headphones stutter while Wyze Android app is running

Just got my Wyze headphones and they are fantastic. Except for one thing – they stutter horribly while the Wyze app is open. If I force quit the app, everything is fine. I’m running on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Known issue? Workaround besides force-quitting the app all the time?

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I experienced the same thing just now, even though it didn’t happen yesterday when I first got the headphones. (I have the latest firmware.)
The problem went away for me after about 20-30s. Have you waited that long? Not saying it’s not a bug, but that might let you continue using the app.
Maybe the app is sending data on first connecting and it’s exceeding the max BT data rate.

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I had not waited that long. Thank you so much, you are exactly right! It is annoying – but not completely broken like I thought it was.

same problem but mine didn’t go away until after I quit the android app.

I’ve been having the same problem since getting mine, but only when connected to two devices (my laptop and my phone) at the same time. I disconnect from my phone, and audio is fine (I’m usually trying to game or listen to music via laptop). Having to constantly disconnect my phone is annoying, as I’d like to be able to receive a call from the wife or something while at my computer easily and the main reason I purchased the headphones. I haven’t yet submitted a ticket or anything to wyze yet, wanted to get some more data collection done as far as seeing if the problem is limited to PC/Android dual connect or not just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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Did you ever get a response or find a solution? I’ve been having the same issue, even after applying the firmware that fixes the issue.

I am having the same issue and have been troubleshooting this two connection stuttering thing for a couple of weeks now. I use mine for the computer and also have them connected to the cell phone. I have been disconnecting the cell phone because I have email on it and my computer. I hadn’t put together the disconnecting phone with no stuttering but did today and looked here if anyone else has that trouble.
I can confirm that it only happens rarely and I can go entire days without this popping up and sometimes several times in one day. I have been able to disconnect the phone this last time and it cleared up right away. I will continue testing with this new procedure to see if that is indeed the fix.

Hello, any update?

that’s interesting that the stuttering only happens rarely for you. It happens daily for me. almost immediately when i put my headphones on. My “solution” other than only having one device connected, is to open the wyze app and select my head phones from the list. once it “connects”, the stutter goes away.

I’m not sure what you’re seeing on the web about others with this issue, but there are many many reports of stuttering with these headphones.

I was able to confirm this. The sound doesn’t cut out on the headphones all of the time, the biggest factor when I am connected to the phone and the computer at the same time is when the phone makes noise. If I disable the alerts for work email on the phone I almost never have a problem as long as I am not using the phone. I have android and Google Fi and use chrome so my calls and text are all handled through the chrome tab and I almost never touch the cell phone. When I don’t have notifications disabled I can have priority lock onto the cell phone and not let go till I disconnect BT. This has happened several times when I try to answer a call on the computer, no audio at all. Very annoying.