Wyze headphones stutter on and off all the time not matter what I'm listening to

I bought the Wyze to replace Sennheiser headphones which stuttered constantly. The Wyze are not quite that bad, but the stutter is very very annoying. It was so bad I stopped using them for a few weeks and went back to my old cheap wired headphones which don’t do that at all. I’m very disappointed in these. I’d not recommend them to anyone. We have Wyze cameras and a vacuum, and all work fine. Why can’t they make headphones without this annoying quality?

Hi There. That sounds frustrating! Just so we understand…the stutter sounds like it’s the bluetooth connection not staying steady, you think? You were hearing the same thing with your Senns? Is it the same kind of stutter when you move too far away from your phone/laptop while using bluetooth headphones?