Possible issue with Headphones & Samsung phone?

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone is experience a similar glitch with their Wyze headphones? Let me provide as much information as possible below.

I have 2 sets of Wyze headphones. One is left at work, dedicated for when I’m on work calls on my cell phone. The other set is always at home, dedicated for when I am on my cell phone at home. Both have had latest firmware updates installed.

Cell phone is: Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, Carrier is Sprint/TMobile. Latest OS and app updates applied all the time (i am weird about that stuff, I keep everything up to date and check all the time). I try to reboot my phone daily if not every-other day.

Here is the issue I have encountered, and I have encountered this now on both sets of headphones. I am on a call, within range of my phone, often it is less than 3 feet away. I can be on a call for 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, and this randomly occurs. In the conversation, suddenly I cannot hear the person on the other end of the call. It is like their phone is suddenly muted. They can hear me fine, I cannot hear anything they say. If I disconnect the headphones, they can still hear me fine but I still cannot hear them. This does NOT happen when I do not use my Wyze headphones, it only occurs when I have my headphones in use for a call. I also am NOT touching the headphones at ALL when this happens. Headphones are connected via Bluetooth, not via the 3.5mm.

As I mentioned I have experienced this with both sets of headphones. I am not sure if it is an issue with the phone or something related to using the headphones for a call. I also have no idea how to figure out which one it is! Sometimes it never happens. Sometimes it happens repeatedly. I basically have to tell the other person I will call them bac, because there is just no way, even with disconnecting the bluetooth to the headphones, for me to hear the other person. Again this has NEVER happened using only the phone itself, it only happens using the Wyze headphones, and it is super random as to when it happens.

I generally keep them charged up, only on occasion do I get the notice that the battery has hit 20%. Otherwise if I have used them for several hours, I charge them back up.

I should mention, I also have the original Wyze watch (wyze band), could that be causing an issue?

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!

I have the same phone different carrier. I typically don’t use my headphones when on a call but as I am pretty well situated to test this I will try tomorrow and see what I get. I will call my bank…they always put me on hold. it should work perfectly to see if the audio cuts out.