Dear Wyze, It's 2023 and Your Headphones Still Don't Work

I can find multiple threads on this forum detailing how headphones won’t turn off or constantly reboot during operation. They date back to 2020. My first pair worked for about 6 months, then then wouldn’t turn off and started rebooting. I got them replaced under warranty about 2 weeks ago. As of this morning, the new pair is failing in the exact same pattern: while listening to music, I get a loud buzz for a second or so, then “Power On, Connected”. Currently it is about 5 minutes between reboots. My experience with the original headphones is that the time between reboots will get faster and faster. At the end, the original pair was down to about 1.5 mins between reboots.

This is lame. I guess I am just venting, because it would appear that this issue has been affecting people for 2 years without a fix. I suppose it unwise (unwyze?) to expect one at this point.

Just had the same with mine, green charge light shows but they wont power on (and yes Wyze i followed the exact directions you have posted) got them for Christmas last year so i got 11 1/2 months out of them, which for $81 i dont know how reasonable that was. Didn’t hear back from wyze so after a week i went back to Bose and the wyze went in the garbage