Wyze Headphones - Are they ever going to fix or update them?

I just got my Wyze Headphones a week ago, but I’m having the same bugs that other users have had since launch.

The worst one is the constant restarting when I’m on a phone call. It’s embarrassing and Wyze has known about it
for months!

Since we haven’t had a firmware update since December and there isn’t one in beta, should we assume that Wyze Headphones will not receive any more updates or fixes?

Definitely not. I don’t know if they will be updated as frequently as other Wyze products, but updates will most likely come in the future.

I’m not so sure. It’s weird they haven’t fixed such a severe bug that was present at launch and I haven’t been able to get any assistance from support.

Since they stopped selling it on Amazon recently, I wonder if it’s a hardware issue and they just can’t fix it via update?

Wish I had done research before buying. Mine obviously have the reboot bug which has already struck multiple times when attached to my laptop in Teams meetings. I can no longer use them for the purpose I bought them. Mine also have a faint crackle in the right ear. It was ever present during Teams calls when there is mostly voice with no music to cover it up but it is easily reproducible with many songs when listening to music where the bias is towards the right ear.

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Everyone who posted and updated to the latest beta firmware is still having the problem (but perhaps less frequently).

I think this Wyze product is on life support at best.

I had to RMA mine for the right ear crackle and the double tap assistant never working. The new ones definitely sound better but of course still reboot when they feel like it.

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That’s crazy. I still think this is somehow a hardware-level bug and that’s why neither update that ‘made it better’ completely fixed it.