Headphones wont pair with pc, and guide

So I got my headphones a while ago, and just started playing with them (they are freaking great).
but how do i pair them with my phone through the wyze app (working) and pair with my PC at the same time?
Also, is there a digital manual somewhere? i lost the original and i have no idea what buttons do :slight_smile:
thanks :slight_smile:

Bluetooth devices can be paired with multiple devices. They can only connect to one device at a time. For example, if paired and connected to a PC, they can not also be connected to a cell phone. Just like a PC can only connect to one Bluetooth or wired headset at a time, regardless of how many are paired.

I thought i read somewhere these had a newer bt band that allowed multiple connections… well poop. that sucks… thank you

btw, i just removed it from my phones BT and wyze app. pc still cant see it.
ugh. not fun.

Wyze headphones support BT multipoint that allows a single headset to maintain simultaneous connections to at least two source devices. In this way, you could be streaming music from your PC and then receive a call from your phone, for example. This works great for me (W10 laptop and Android Pie phone). I have my Wyze headphones paired to both and, when I turn the headphones on, I get two ‘connected’ reports - one for each device. If you are having troubles, I’d reset the headphones (deleting all of the previous BT pairings) and delete the pairing from the source devices. Pair to one device and check the performance. If OK, pair to a second source device…

So thats whats weird. I can pair it to my phone no problem at all, and it works great. Just cant pair it to my PC. everything is turned on and enabled and scanning… Just doesnt work for some reason.

I am having a similar issue. My headphones pair fine with my phone. My computer is another issue. I can get them to show up on the “Add BT device” list, so I assume that means my PC can find them. But then it will forever be “connecting” before finally saying it couldn’t connect, try again. I DID once get them paired to my PC, but they wouldn’t connect. Then in my many attempts to fix that, they were removed from the devices and I can’t get them back to that point. So frustrated!
Things I have done thus far that have not worked:

Turned headphones off/on
Restarted PC
Tried pairing headphones to PC
Cleared BT device list
Sat here and death-stared the technology that is not doing my bidding