Can headphones be hardwired amd Bluetooth work at same time?

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I am in assistive technology provider and I have a guy with hearing loss that needs to use dragon I actually speaking and a telephone. Interchangeably.

My plan was to use a table Mike, and hardwire that to the headset so he can hear his computer then use the Bluetooth function for phone calls. So the table Mike will be used for dictation then the hard wired headphones will be for listening to Computer, the Bluetooth function will be used for making phone calls on cell phone. I’m just not sure if you hardwire them will kill the Bluetooth function. Thanks so much

Don’t know, but why not pair the headphones to both the PC and the phone via Bluetooth, and do away with the external mic?

A Bluetooth device can be “connected” to one resource at a time. It can be “paired” to multiple resources, but only actively connected to one.

Consider your cell phone. If will show all devices it was successful paired with. Yet, only one can be connected at any one time. Use the factory wired headset, you can not connect to a Bluetooth headset until you disconnect the wired headset.

If you have an Echo, you have to disconnect from playing music before you can connect to and play something else.

So what? When he disables Bluetooth on one device (PC, phone) the headphones should reconnect to the other device. It might require a power cycle.

Also, some headsets are perfectly capable of connecting to more than one device simultaneously. I was doing it 5-10 years ago.

I decided to fact check myself. Yep, the technology has existed in the mainstream for over 10 years.

Bluetooth multipoint was introduced in 2010, with the release of Bluetooth 4.0. In the case of wireless audio, multipoint allows a single headset to maintain simultaneous connections to at least two source devices (e.g., a laptop and smartphone).