Can 2 headphones listen to the same audio from one phone?

I have two pairs of wyze headphones, both connected and firmware up to date. Can I play audio on my phone an have both sets of headphones listen to the same audio?

Does your iPhone allow for Bluetooth pairing to more than one device at a time? My Android only allows for one Bluetooth pair at any given time regardless of what type of BT it is (audio vs data).

I’m not sure I’ll have to check

Yes it depends on the phone. My iPhones allow multiple devices paired, but only allow you to set one as an audio output.

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:frowning: 'm not seeing a ‘share’ or ‘dual split’ option on my on iPhone, it might be to old :frowning:

But I purchased a bluetooth splitter on amaz0n and it works, I have 2 wyze headphones, listening to the same audio. Now I can have silent discos :slight_smile: