Wyze Headphones - Any way to reduce latency?

So I’ve used a set of cheap bluetooth headphones (Ausdom M04S) for the past two years when working on my computer and doing video conferencing, watching movies etc. and I was really hoping to replace those with my Wyze Headphones, but I’m getting noticeable latency problems when using them with my Windows 10 PC. I expected some latency being wireless, but it’s bad enough that I can tell that people’s mouths aren’t synced up with the audio when watching the news.

I know the Wyze headphones don’t support apt-X for low latency mode, but neither did my old headphones and they didn’t have this much lag (tried back to back with same video etc.)

Anyone have a similar experience or has anyone found any settings that reduce latency on the headphones?

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I have not run across any horrible latency issues lately. I do use mine to watch TV and movies on my laptop and haven’t noticed anything. I am not sure of any settings there are to try and fix it.

I have the same experience with my Wyze Headphones.
I experience noticable latency between audio and video. I’ve used them to watch YouTube, Plex and various other streamed content (on a Windows 10 PC, Android 10 phone and a Shield TV). The lag is present in every video I’ve watched with these.
I also attempted to use them for gaming, but that is impossible for games where audio is important at all.

With that said, I do enjoy the sound quality and comfort fit of the headphones… But I might have to return them if there is no way to improve this, since most of the content I consume is accompanied by video, and not strictly audio.

It’s a Custom Wyze feature, just like the delayed audio in your captured Wyze videos…


These headphones are great for just listening to music. Absolute garbage for video sync though. Totally unwatchable.

Guessing there was never a solution found and nobody from Wyze bothered to offer answers? Sounds about right…

I’ve noticed the lag, and perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like it’s gotten worse fairly recently. I was hoping they’d have a firmware update that would help, but oh well. I use mine mostly for audio, so it’s not as big a deal-breaker.