Wyze Headphones - Any way to reduce latency?

So I’ve used a set of cheap bluetooth headphones (Ausdom M04S) for the past two years when working on my computer and doing video conferencing, watching movies etc. and I was really hoping to replace those with my Wyze Headphones, but I’m getting noticeable latency problems when using them with my Windows 10 PC. I expected some latency being wireless, but it’s bad enough that I can tell that people’s mouths aren’t synced up with the audio when watching the news.

I know the Wyze headphones don’t support apt-X for low latency mode, but neither did my old headphones and they didn’t have this much lag (tried back to back with same video etc.)

Anyone have a similar experience or has anyone found any settings that reduce latency on the headphones?

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I have not run across any horrible latency issues lately. I do use mine to watch TV and movies on my laptop and haven’t noticed anything. I am not sure of any settings there are to try and fix it.

I have the same experience with my Wyze Headphones.
I experience noticable latency between audio and video. I’ve used them to watch YouTube, Plex and various other streamed content (on a Windows 10 PC, Android 10 phone and a Shield TV). The lag is present in every video I’ve watched with these.
I also attempted to use them for gaming, but that is impossible for games where audio is important at all.

With that said, I do enjoy the sound quality and comfort fit of the headphones… But I might have to return them if there is no way to improve this, since most of the content I consume is accompanied by video, and not strictly audio.

It’s a Custom Wyze feature, just like the delayed audio in your captured Wyze videos…


These headphones are great for just listening to music. Absolute garbage for video sync though. Totally unwatchable.