Gaming mode (low latency) for Wyze Buds Pro

Just got my Wyze Buds Pro in today and I’m so happy with them. They beat my AirPods Pro in just about every category and I can’t beleive the price!

Though the lag is pretty minimal (same as AirPods Pro) for gaming, I’d love to see a low-latency setting for gaming that could maybe be enabled in the Wyze app similar to what OnePlus does with their buds. I know it would hurt battery, but being able to really push for real-time audio when needed would be HUGE for these already-awesome earbuds! Thanks for listening!

They are Bluetooth. ALL Bluetooth audio devices have latency. About the best you can do is about 32mSec. Some are more. Whether that is enough to be a problem depends on your needs. In my case, I run a music synchronized light show. When I am sequencing a song, I can’t use any wireless headset because 32mSec (or more) is too much.
BTW, in case you wonder why watching streaming video with Bluetooth headphone does not have a latency problem (on most newer phones) it is because the phone delays the video by an amount similar to the Bluetooth delay in order to compensate.