Wyze Buds automatically pausing every 3 seconds

Hey everybody!
I bought my Wyze buds for excercising. I usually play music or some series on my phone and while my Buds are on, they keep pausing the video or music as if i took one of the earbuds out of my ears. Have you had any problem like it? Any possible solution?

I’ve already tried re-pairing my Buds, disabling tap functions, re-charging, but nothing seems to work.

I have buds too and experience random sounds drop outs. It does keep playing but it’s every 2-30 seconds so it’s Pretty annoying and makes these almost worthless for enjoying listening to music. Both the case and the buds are fully charged and the firmware is up-to-date so I suspect there is an issue that they are not addressing. These are less than two months old and don’t see a lot of used to do to this issue but I would really like an exchange on my money back at this point

I’m having a similar issue–audio pauses every 30 seconds to 3 minutes, regardless of app used (Plex Media, Stitcher, Pocketcast, YouTube Music). My guess is this is caused by a faulty insertion sensor or buggy firmware. Makes Wyze Buds pretty worthless.

Same here, Keeps pausing for no apparent reason. Will have to return.