Wyze Buds Pro issues

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Those with Buds Pro, are any of you experiencing sound issues with the Buds? Specifically lower volume levels on one side?

I’ve returned my Buds Pro twice for an exchange. The first set (pre-order, pre-launched set) worked well for roughly two weeks before the left ear bud volume was low.

Replaced those and the second set did the same thing. Low level left ear to the point you couldn’t tell if anything was coming out of it at all.

Now this third set is doing the SAME THING. This time the right ear bud.

In each instance, we did the whole reset, update, resync process.

Nothing is more annoying than working out and you can only hear music on one side and the other side is weights banging. This overall experience with these buds are truly disappointing. Could have use the money to ass towards different earbuds during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

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Same issue right side. I did not reply order so my are maybe 1-2 months old but I noticed my right ear no go sound is about half that of the left ear super annoyed right now .

Interesting, I’m noticing something similar. Also, it seems that the battery on the right ear bud drains much faster than the left one.

I think that’s fairly common, as one bud is talking to the source and retransmitting a stream to the other bud.

So do you think one bud is usually softer than the other becuase of that?

Nope I don’t think that has much/anything to do with it.

I was just addressing the battery drain.

Yeah. This is my third one. These Buds aren’t really good. It’s actually pretty bad all things considered. Usually, the flawed Technology that is, earbuds, see issues after a year or so. These are quitting after couple weeks to a month.

I’m a bit frustrated to say the least.

Ya that is. I had apple AirPods used hard daily for about a year before the right one went bad but I didn’t have apple care to place it so the cost to get apple vs wyze was a no brained. And I have been very happy with all other wyze products so hopefully it gets worked out

Having the exact same problem. My daughter has had two sets fail in the same way where the left earbud becomes really quiet.

I’m having the same issue as well. It only recently started for me so I don’t think it’s related to the November firmware update. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or just send them back for a new pair?

Following, having the same issue within the last 2 weeks. Volume level seems way down even with volume set to highest setting. My right bud cracks and pops horrible to bass. I get random buzzing, especially when inserting into ears with any pressure asserted.

Update: Seems that the poor performance is while in Transparency mode or Noise Cancellation is ON.

Two pairs, same issues. They replaced the first pair and within about a month, the right bud volume does not go high enough, and there is a buzz in the left when dealing with low levels.

I just gave up. They are terrible and the constant back and forth for replacement, which I got tired of. I just dumped them and bought an Apple Airpods Pro. Much expensive but so worth it.

I know I’m resurrecting an old thread here but recently ran into the same problem on my second pair of Wyze Buds pro and found a solution out of desperation. This pair is a warranty replacement for the first pair that also ended up with the left side volume being dramatically decreased. I was fiddling with mine and noticed that when I had the volume at maximum I was getting a buzzing noise similar to what you’d hear from a blown speaker from the side that had the reduced volume. On a whim I searched for a solution for removing ear wax from earbuds even though there wasn’t any obvious ear wax buildup. Apparently, I had ear wax built up under the little mesh screen that you can see that protects the speaker output. A q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol swirled around over that little protective screen a couple of times cleared it out and my earbuds are working as good as the day I got them! The stuff that came off on the q-tip was nasty! I only tried this because mine were no longer under warranty. I would also caution people to make sure you use rubbing alcohol and not something like nail polish remover (The acetone that most nail polish removers contains would destroy the plastic of the ear buds)


Thanks for this, I will try it!

Thanks for the tip! I recently had the same issue with my left bud. It was past the warranty, so I tried your suggestion and it worked!! I did order the Beats Fit Pro bc these keep falling out of my ears when working out.

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I didn’t use the alcohol or any cleaner to fix mine. Maybe I will need to in the future so I’ll keep that in mind.
What I did do to fix mine was use a a very fine wire from a small wire brush to to clean out the little holes that are on the ear buds. I then used this wire brush to slightly brush off the wax from the screen.
Not sure which of the two things actually fixed it for me but it worked. Beside there being wax on the screen, the reason I cleaned out the little holes as well was because I noticed that they were clogged.

Anyways that is how I fixed mine. I will still keep the other method in mind encase the buzzing happens again.

Wanted to also confirm that the rubbing alcohol cleaning fixed my issue even though the bud looked like it was completely clean. Thanks!!!

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Thank you, This worked great. I’ve been trying to get my buds to sound good for the last 6 months to a year. I even bought a pair of Bose QC45s because the sound was so quiet on my Wyze Buds Pro. Now I might be able to return the QC45s.

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I’ve go the issue with my Right bud significantly lower volumes than the left