Buds Pro LOUD hum

I’ve had my buds pro for a few weeks and travel a lot, however these are nearly unusable because every five minutes or so the right earpiece will produce a LOUD hum!!! I sometimes can tap it to stop it, but most times I have to take the bud out to stop it. Very, very irritating and SHOCKING when I’m trying to get some rest.

What gives? Any insight?

By the way, I’ve had several types of in-ears and noise cancelling pieces…NEVER had this happen with any other brand.



Yes me too! It’s been going on for months and has become very annoying. Also, my right bud pops and cracks on higher treble or bass

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I just started getting the same thing. Almost like some sort of interference. It is loud. When I am on the phone using earbuds, the person I am talking with also can hear the interference buzz/vibration type sound.

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Yeah this has been happening to me too. Seems pressure related… when I try to move the bud in my ear it starts to hum/buzz really loud making the RIGHT bud unusable (only happening with right bud).

What could the cause of this be? Wyze engineers, please help us out! Thank you.

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The only way to get it to stop is by taking the bud out.

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I have the same issue. Only seems to happen with Noise Cancelation on in the right earbud. It’s very annoying to the point where I won’t even use Noise Cancelation, and that is the whole reason I bought these.

I take there is no fix or word from Wyze on this?

I also started having this problem two weeks ago. I noticed that if I apply pressure to the buds when inserting them into my ear, I would get a buzzing sound and sometime a high-pitched sound like what hearing aids make. It started with my right bud, now both do it. Last week the performance of both buds drastically reduced. Volume levels seem to have been cut in half. My right bud cracks and pops horribly to bass. What gives? I have not tried to reset, which was my next move after scanning the forums.

Update: Seems that the poor performance is while in Transparency mode or Noise Cancellation is ON.

YEs I have had ths same thing. I got them less than a year ago, and really liked them until this buzzing, it almost vibrates.

I think the earbud is blown.It’s completely unusable. I’ll be going with another brand for my earbud needs. Sorry Wyze, I love your products but this one was a dud.

+1 Also having the same issue. I’m hoping that a software update can help. Has Wyze acknowledged the issue?

Anyone in here tried the following reported solution?

Yes, I’ve tried this. Its 100% worked. You risk nothing by trying. Just don’t dip the ear bud in deep enough that liquid might get too far in. Try to dip just enough so the screen is submerged. I think what happens is build up blocks the screen causing a reverberation or echo or something. Mine were doing it, i cleaned the tips. And they haven’t done it since.

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I’m here for the same issue. I’ve had my Buds Pro maybe 6 months. A few months ago, I started to notice a hum or buzz noise. Removing and putting back in ear helped a little at first, but now it’s the point I am unable to use them. I tried cleaning them like what was suggested in other post, but that did not help. Now I am on the fence bout buying a replacement and risk throwing away another $80.00 I was using them almost daily for running, walking and cycling, traval.

I am having this problem which started about three months ago. I have opened a ticket and uploaded a log file. The problem is easily reproducible for me. Unfortunately the Wyze tech did not sound hopeful for a solution anytime soon. His response was: “I would love to say that we are able to provide an update with a fix, swiftly as expected, but I couldn’t, as our engineers will still have to evaluate this issue to come up with a resolution. Rest assured that this issue is our top priority at this point as this seems rare”

I had same problem, tried compressed air in right bud and it seams to have fix problem ,no more hum and volume is back to normal, could be speaker diaphragm got out of shape from excessive volume air pushed it back