Loud buzzing or humming sound in WYZE BUDS buds-proPro? Try This

My WYZE buds-pro started to make a loud buzzing or humming sound. It was unbearable. Sometimes it would happen when i tapped on the controls. So I tried cleaning. Seems like if the ear hole is getting blocked it might be causinb it. I filled a Poland Spring water bottle cap with hydrogen peroxide. Remove the rubber earpiece and dip the tip in the peroxide for about 60 seconds. Just deep enough to get the screen. Brush away gently with a toothbrush. Repeat once. Swirl the earbud around a little. This is what i did, and not only did the noise go away. But the loudnest and quality returned. Try this before writing off your buds. Good Luck.


THANK YOU for posting this! I was experiencing the exact same thing with mine. It would suddenly BLAST a loud buzzing into my ear at louder than max volume, especially when I touched the controls. And my 2 ear buds had different volume all the time…I assumed that was my fault because I used the right ear bud like 5 times as often I used the left ear bud (I often just used the right ear bud by itself).

I finally bought new buds because I assumed I’d just worn them out…I’d been using them for like 10 hours a day for several months straight. I seriously used these things like crazy. They are awesome devices, but I couldn’t keep having my ear drum assaulted like that, so thought I’d give the regular buds a try for a while and give the pros a rest (now I’m glad I didn’t toss them).

After reading that someone else besides me experienced the same thing, and that you found something that seems to have resolved it, I will have to try out your solution and see how it works for mine too. Thanks for sharing. Let me know if yours starts to experience that issue again. I never posted about it before because I assumed I’d just worn them out from excessive use. Very cool to hear that you got them to rejuvenate!


I’m also experiencing this with my Pro buds. It started a few months after I got them and just assumed me dropping the right bud in some water the first week I had them was the cause as I’m only seeing this from the right bud. It seems to happen if I touch it in a particular way when trying to adjust it. And, it stops when I take it out for a couple of seconds.

Interesting that it is also just your right earbud that had this, that is the same for me.
@antw was it your right or your left earbud that had the loud buzzing/humming? Just curious.

I wonder if anyone has had this happen to their LEFT earbud.

It was also my right one. But i use the right one 95% more than the left.

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Me too! :slight_smile: Funny. Just trying to see if there are any patterns now that there are at least 3 people reporting this. It will be interesting to see what is reported if/when more experience this in the long term. So glad you found something that worked for you. I bookmarked this as I intend to try your solution when I have some spare time.

Yeah, I have a similar issue… my left ear bud will make a horrible hum / screech when I am putting the thing in… and that is about the only noise i can get out of the thing. It started acting wierd a few weeks back, and now it only plays at about half the volume of the one on the roght. I have tried all the hardware and software tricks I have read so far, but no luck. I will try this cleaning procedure and see if it helps. I figured it was also because I tend to use one side more than the other.

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Interesting all the similarities we share with this.

I haven’t gotten around to trying this solution out yet (been insanely busy), but I would like to hear how it works for everyone else who tries it until I get around to trying it. I am getting my hopes up.

Having the exact same issue. Tried the peroxide trick, no dice. I’ll try it will 97% IPA next to see if that does anything.

Okay, that cleared up the volume issue. However the super loud buzzing non-stop after touching it when putting it in is still killer.

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I’m having the same problem in my right bud. I tried the solution here, but it didn’t resolve my problem.


Just checking in if anyone has found/heard any more news on this issue?

Having the same (right ear only) however mine does not occur when touching or tapping the earbud but will just start buzzing randomly, and very loudly.

I’ve not seen anything from Wyze on this issue.