Loud sound when holding wyze buds pro in a closed fist?

Love the Wyze Buds Pro!

Today though something weird happened. As I returned to my office after a walk listening to them, I took the buds out and held them in my closed hand. Very quickly they started putting out a very loud high pitch noise sound. Everyone stopped to look, and it took me a second to realize they were my ear buds. I opened my fist and the noise stopped. I closed my fist to cover them tightly again, and the noise started again. Over and over.

I guess I’ll just try not to carry them in that manner going forward, but has anyone else noticed this same issue before?

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Common problem for many items, including hearing aids. It is feedback loop from microphone/speaker in the buds.

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Thanks, yeah, I figured it was a mic speaker feedback issue. I just hadn’t ever heard or seen someone talk about it before. I haven’t ever noticed it with my kids’ AirPods so I’ll have to try it later

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I’ve experienced something similar, but while removing the earbud from my right ear. It has happened to me twice. I have tried to repeat it but haven’t had it happen again.

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I am having a similar problem but it is while it is in my ear, it is loud hum, when i remove it from my ear it continues to emit this noise. If i am on a phone call they hear it to. Sometimes tapping the ear bud a few times makes it stop but not always


Did this ever get resolved for you? Mine does it all the time?

Mine still do it occasionally, and it seems to only happen in Transparency mode. Which makes sense - the mics are actively picking up outside sound. It’s the same feedback squeal described by @WildBill. I understand what is happening, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask that the buds not do that. My Sony 1000-MX3 earbuds have never done anything like this.

I’ve never had feedback like this from may headset. Jabra, Sony, Amazon buds and a few others. It’s only the right bud also.

Have you contacted Wyze about a warranty exchange? I’m going through the process now.

I’m going to have to. It’s unbearable…just yesterday on a flight all the way to Atlanta…and back.

Yes, only in the right ear.

They just sent me a replacement. It was super easy. Just supply them with the info they ask and boom another pair on the way. Contact support via e-mail and they will get you sorted.

Same here - right earbud is the only one that has done it. I’m going to have to request a replacement as well.

Mine do this all the time. I have long hair and so sometimes when I put the ear buds in they’ll trap some hair, which I sometimes ignore initially. When I go back to brush my hair away from my ear (and get it out from between the earbud and my ear canal) it’ll often do this. It’s really loud! I think on mine it’s usually the left bud.

I never considered this might be a warranty issue. I figured it was something that might require a firmware update to fix.

Have you gotten replacements yet and do they behave any better?

Received a warranty replacement and got a feedback squeal in the first day of use. I really like the Transparency mode, but I’m going to have to stop using it for the sake of my hearing.