Ear buds pro volume too low recently

i can bearly hear now even w/ the highest volume
used to be good, started recently.

i had no problem w/ wyze headset, so must be ear buds problem

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I just started having the same problem but only in the right bud. I put a support ticket in. I tried trouble shooting, disconnected, reconnected messed with different volume settings. The left one works fine and I even put the opposites in my ears and it’s 100% the right bud.

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hv you tried the volume control (tap once or twoce depending on your settIngs) on buds?
it is separate from the volume control of the phone

Ya just tried that it did not work. It’s just so odd the only the right one is crazy soft.

I was having this same problem fresh out of the box. I found that my iPhone had a feature turned on called headphone safety that would reduce the volume. Soon as I turned it off they were unbearably loud over 3/4 volume!

Having these same issues. will try what was suggested.

Update: Seems that the poor performance is while in Transparency mode or Noise Cancellation is ON.

I had the same issue. At the gym I could not get the sound up high enough. I looked everywhere. I found in the Wyze app, connected to the buds-settings-touch controls- select single tap- set it to Right Increase Volume Left Reduce Volume. After setting up this feature and going back playing music from Amazon I did one tap and it got louder, one more louder still. This is even with my phone to the max.
Hope this helps someone as I couldn’t find anything out there. It was such a pain and should be better explained by Wyze. I almost gave up.

I’m having the exact same issue with mine, and these were already replaced under warranty once. Really frustrating.

I am having the same problem. Did you ever resve why one ear was suddenly not at the same volume as the other ear?

Sadly, no. They were replaced again under warranty, although this time they asked for the broken ones back, supposedly so they could investigate further. I hope they do figure it out, but doubt they’ll contact me about it. New ones have been fine so far.