Audio only coming from one earbud

Even though both earbuds are connected and streaming music I can only hear audio from the left earbud. The right earbud controls as normal ie pause play etc but cannot get any audio to stream through the right earbud. Any body else experience this. My earbuds are about a month old and yes up to date on all updates.

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Sorry to hear of your issue.
I have heard of this from another member Found in this first impression thread

This member contacted support and Wyze replaced the Buds Pro.

Support can be reached at;
Online Ticket

WYZE Support

Live support is available:

Monday - Friday 4 am -8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Yup … And it took a long time to get the replacement…had to return the originals of course. first replacement stayed in processing for 6 days. Then they say got lost in pre shipment… that took 7 days… had to order another lost replacement… which stayed in processing for another 7 days before being shipped… So they did finally arrive about a month after opening the ticket… it was quite the hassle keeping on top of what they were doing. Replacements work though.

Yea, sounds like they are working to improve the support side, and shipping as we all know is wonky these days.

The main issue I had was that customer service , processing and shipping were so disconnected, one dept had no info about the other…they also didn’t know whether inventory had any on hand or not to fulfill the replacement order…Also didn’t appreciate the automated responses to email glad to hear they are working to improve this.

Just my luck. My audio is only playing from the right ear bud. I hope the return process is less of a pain than everyone else’s

In under a week I had my old bad buds returned and a new set of buds in hand. Thanks Wyze.


Well, it figures I got mine today and they absolutely will not connect to Bluetooth on any device. I followed all the instructions, I tried wiping the Bluetooth memory, I tried doing the factory reset, even tried restarting the phones. Nothing worked what a bummer.

Have the same issue. Worse is getting something done about it. Customer Service is about as bad as I can stand.

FYI - From Sept 21 to April 22 there has been no improvement to customer service. Zero. I think it may be worse even.

I have had this issues with every Bud Pro pair replacement. The Wyze Buds seem to not have this issue. Seems like a big issue with the Pro devices.

Ended up getting rid of my wyze bud pros for this very reason. What a shame because other than that they were great buds