I really wanted to like the Wyze Buds Pros, but I just can't

I was really excited to get these and had high, high hopes for them. But, after using them for a couple of months, they just don’t live up to what I was hoping for.

When taking them out of the case and putting them in my ears the ANC is always automatically turned on, which is very annoying. I often only use one bud at a time and having the ANC in just one ear gives a weird effect. So, I have to pull out my phone each time I use one and turn off the ANC. I could just press the bud and change it to Transparency Mode, but if it’s windy outside I hear the wind, so I prefer to just turn it off. I want to just be able to put one in my ear and go. The fact that I have to get my phone out, or at the very least, press the bud is annoying. (I know; first world problems. lol)

They constantly lose connection in the Roku app on my phone. I sometimes use Private Listening in the Roku app when watching tv. With the Wyze Buds Pros the connection gets lost and the audio returns to the tv. I then have to reengage Private Listening. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get it connected back. During a 30 minute show, this could happen 4-5 times. If I pause the show and come back to it, it never resumes the audio in the earbuds. I have other earbuds that will connect and stay connected while watching tv, even after pausing and resuming the show. Yes, I could just use those other earbuds, but I would like to have “One Set of Buds to Rule Them All”.

Sometimes, if I have my phone in my pocket and my earbuds in my ears, certain movements will cause the audio to cut in and out. It’s almost like the Bluetooth waves can’t travel through my body. Yes, I could just lose weight, but… tacos. I have not had this problem with other earbuds I have used.

The volume on these earbuds is lower than with other earbuds I have used.

These earbuds aren’t all bad, though. The ANC works great, and these are the first earbuds I have had where I don’t get complaints about audio quality while on phone calls.

Alas, my search continues for my “One Set of Buds to Rule Them All” without having to spend a fortune.

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