Issue with my Wyze Buds

I’ve had my wyze buds for about a month now and I used them constantly and recently the right earbud sound has significantly deteriorated over night. I woke up Saturday grabbed my earbuds and my phone turned on my Xbox and connected my earbuds to my phone, a usual Saturday, but when I put my right earbud in (FYI I use my right earbud more than my left, I tend to listen to music with the right earbud in and listen to the game I’m playing using my headset which is on my left ear) the sound was extremely quite even with my phone on max volume. I tried using alcohol to see if there was any ear wax possibly blocking the sound, there wasn’t, after messing around with them for a bit I stuck the microphone to my ear and discovered that sound was still coming out of there.

Has anybody else had this issue and is there anyway to fix it

@PetaNight, I’ve had this problem twice now. I got my first pair of buds Dec 2021. By July of '22, the volume of my right bud was almost non-existent. I believe the volume on the left bud also degraded at least a bit, but couldn’t be sure. It definitely wasn’t as bad as the right, though. After trying everything, they sent another pair.

I’m guessing I’ve used the second pair more frequently than the original pair, with no issues - until the other day. The right bud’s volume has degraded quite a bit. It’s noticeable when a song has a section where most of the stereo output is on the right side.

It’s a small sample size, but to have the volume degrade dramatically on the right bud after 7-9 months of use of each pair makes me suspicious. Since I’m striking out at a rate of 2 for 2, I expected to find more discussion about this issue. Maybe I haven’t looked long enough or maybe I just got extremely unlucky? Either way, it’s pretty disappointing.

I don’t know if this is the same issue but I found that the volume on both buds was low right out of the box. Even turning my phone up all the way it wasn’t drowning out noise such as lawn moving. Any other buds I’ve had were able to increase the volume by clicking a button or touching the buds themselves. These bud don’t do that. I asked Wyze and they said these buds don’t have that capability. I found this very odd.
I also have the earbud pros. These do the same thing, however in the app you are give the option of controlling the volume by assigning touch controls. This makes a huge difference. The standard buds don’t have this option. Very strange.

Thanks for responding, but nope, not the same issue. My buds started out fine, but then one of my buds (right) degraded quite noticeably.

I don’t have a big sample size, but I’ve found that the higher end earbuds will provide volume control somewhere on the buds, whereas the lower end buds require the user to adjust the volume at the source (eg phone).

You’re basically correct. Since I have both models I know how they handle volume.
The pros can handle volume from the bud but you first have to change the touch controls in the app so that tapping the buds can adjust the volume. I chose the 1-tap to control the volume since it wasn’t used for anything else. Left lowers and right increases. This way I can control the volume via the buds and the phone. I’ve had several earbuds/headphones and they’ve all been able to adjust volume at the source and the device.
Unfortunately the regular buds have no way of increasing the volume. They come with a set volume and even increasing the volume on the phone all the way doesn’t make them very loud. I wish this was different as I can’t hear anything from them when I’m in a relatively loud environment. I find this a strange feature. The app is different for the pros and standard buds, and there’s no feature to increase the sound that way.

I had the same issue on the wyze bud. After less than 4 month, the volume on the left buds decreased significantly.I contacted support, but since the buds I had were part of a promotional sale (they were added for free if you bought headphones), they say the warranty don’t applies so they will not replace them. Now, the left one is dead, tried to factory reset the buds but now since only the right one works, it won’t even go in pairing mode. So after 4 month, I have a useless buds. Don’t buy them, they are not a good product. Very disappointed from the customer service.