Issue with my Wyze Buds

I’ve had my wyze buds for about a month now and I used them constantly and recently the right earbud sound has significantly deteriorated over night. I woke up Saturday grabbed my earbuds and my phone turned on my Xbox and connected my earbuds to my phone, a usual Saturday, but when I put my right earbud in (FYI I use my right earbud more than my left, I tend to listen to music with the right earbud in and listen to the game I’m playing using my headset which is on my left ear) the sound was extremely quite even with my phone on max volume. I tried using alcohol to see if there was any ear wax possibly blocking the sound, there wasn’t, after messing around with them for a bit I stuck the microphone to my ear and discovered that sound was still coming out of there.

Has anybody else had this issue and is there anyway to fix it