One ear bud stops working

I have now gone through 4 different pairs of Buds (not Pro), each of them losing sound in one earbud. My most recent set (#4) I had to purchase because the 3rd set miraculously lasted longer than the warranty. But I am once again without sound on the 4th set 18 days after receiving them, warranty ticket has been submitted. I have reset to factory, forgot the device, firmware is up to date, etc. several times, and still no sound. Does anyone have a similar issue? Any fixes? It’s getting pretty ridiculous and I will not ever suggest this brand for earbuds. I have the noise-canceling headphones and lights and haven’t had any issues with them (yet), but these buds just don’t seem to be made well enough which is unfortunate because the sound and everything else is great with them.

I had the same issue on the wyze bud. After less than 4 month, the volume on the left buds decreased significantly.I contacted support, but since the buds I had were part of a promotional sale (they were added for free if you bought headphones), they say the warranty don’t applies so they will not replace them. Now, the left one is dead, tried to factory reset the buds but now since only the right one works, it won’t even go in pairing mode. So after 4 month, I have a useless buds. Don’t buy them, they are not a good product. Very disappointed from the customer service.