This company has really gone downhill

I’ve purchased several products over the years but this is my last one. I purchased the buds in August. But I was gifted a better pair so I tried to return the wyze buds. They refused because it had apparently gone on sale after I purchased them and they don’t allow returns on sale items. It took SEVERAL emails over the course of DAYS for them to understand I did not purchase them on sale and should be allowed a refund. In the end they allowed me to keep them and refunded me for all of the trouble and frustration this caused. It took several attempts with two different devices to get it to pair for some reason. Immediately there was a sound issue, the left earbud had absolutely no sound and the right earbud is occasionally static-y. Wyze essentially gave me a pair of broken ear buds. After the frustrating interaction with customer service over a product that doesn’t even work, I’m completely fed up. I can’t recommend Wyze anymore to anyone.

I also just looked at the ear buds. They raised the prices. I’m betting it’s because they’re going to discount it back to their original price for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


If you purchased them in August, then there should have only been a 30-day period to get a refund, which would have ended in September. If that is the case, and they still gave you a full refund in November, then I am extremely impressed that they gave such good customer service. By now, they should’ve only qualified for a warranty exchange. Impressive. I worked customer service for 4 fortune 500 companies many years ago, and I can say that very few companies ever make refund exceptions past their 30 day refund period policies. I’m impressed Wyze did this. It’s very rare for a company to do such a thing.

Sorry to hear they aren’t working as you expected though. I’m not sure if they qualify for a warranty anymore now since they already gave you a full refund and let you keep them. There are lots of people (like me) that use them for Audiobooks or podcasts or phone calls and only use 1 earbud at a time anyway, but that doesn’t work for people who get them for music or for the Passive Noise Cancelation. That would certainly be frustrating to feel like they are worthless in that sense.

I’m glad they made a special exception to give you a full refund. Even if they hadn’t, you would’ve still qualified under the warranty. But it’s good to hear that at least they got you taken care of in the end.

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I tried to return the earbuds 13 days after purchase. Well within the return window, and well before it went on sale. It took 6 days of emailing for them to understand this. I have also worked in customer service. It is not impressive customer service, it is not good service. They also flagged my review and wouldn’t post it. Their customer service then told me to post here since I couldn’t leave an actual review on the product, which seems pointless because no one will read this considering this essentially looks like a Reddit forum. This was an extremely frustrating experience that has turned me off the company as a whole.

The only rare thing Wyze did was not understand their sales and return policy. The only “special” exception they made was refunding me as well as keeping the ear buds. But again, they’re broken. So the gesture was completely pointless.

I’m just now getting to post this because I have been busy.

FYI, the reviews aren’t run by Wyze directly, they are contracted through a 3rd party contract company that promises to keep reviews moderated from dangerous or potential legal liability stuff. I have read that in the past some people have had their reviews flagged for using words like “dead” to describe their device not working, and the 3rd party contractor’s bot auto-blocks the review just in case someone is making a threat. I personally think it should “Flag” a post for review, but shouldn’t block reviews unless they’re obviously spam, scams, threats, etc. I know Wyze has contacted the contractor about not blocking some terms they were previously blocking, but it seems they still have some problems with it.

I guess I’m confused then. Isn’t that what you wanted them to do all along? It seems to me like the final outcome (you getting a refund) was accomplished in the end, as well as being able to keep them.

Good news! the main reason for my post is because I thought you’d like to take the opportunity to make sure you are heard! Here is a Wyze employee specifically asking people to give them suggestions:

Go respond and add some comments there while they are specifically looking and asking for input. That will make sure your voice is heard like you were hoping. :+1:

I found the email where they moderated my review. I wrote “I wanted to return these but Wyze wouldn’t allow me to because they were a “final sale item” even though I bought it full price before there was any kind of sale or promotion.”

Please read the title and the end of my original post. At a certain point, the money and product take a backseat to service. I wanted a simple, stressfree shopping experience and a simple, stressfree return experience. Wouldn’t you? I mentioned the return, the product, and refund to paint a picture of the whole story and I had a terrible experience.

I don’t know about you, but I read reviews before I buy something online. I mentioned I’ve purchased many Wyze products over the years. But had I seen a review like this though, I’d rethink my purchase.

This is going to be my last comment because I still have other things to do. I’m not going to respond or comment on anything. I’m not going to spend any more time here. I just wanted to leave a review for people to hopefully read on the product page, not into the void here. I don’t have any suggestion other than to train customer service agents to read a calendar to differentiate between a purchase order date and a sales promotion date(s).

Again, it’s not about the product or the money anymore. It’s about the company and the service. I’m also really disappointed that they outsource their reviews. But that also kind of proves my point that Wyze has gone downhill.

I wanted to do my part and give people a warning that if you buy from this company, there is a possibility that you will have a similar, if not the same, experience I did. I can’t recommend Wyze or any of their products to anyone anymore, which I’m aware means nothing to you or Wyze. But I should’ve had the option to leave my review on their website for someone who might care when considering a purchase.


Thanks for sharing. I understand better than you think. I am in the process of writing Wyze how I think they have changed from the days when they felt more exciting and customer-friendly and the days when they were less subscription-pushy. I appreciate the friendly and respectful discussion and wish you the best. :+1: If you change your mind, feel free to go post something directly to that Wyze Employee. I think Wyze would benefit from hearing your experience. If not, I might link back to your thread here so it still gets seen. Best of luck.

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