Wyze Warranty Support and lack of post-product innovation fumbling tarnish brand - Just venting

Just here to vent. Wyze Buds pro died this week (one ear died randomly). Initial call to support was easy. Thought it was all handled in one call. Offered replacement. Received an email asking for my address. I gave them it all. Address, image of original purchase, everything they needed. Today received a response to that “We haven’t heard from you for days… is your issue resolved?” where they responded to my reply showing EVERYTHING they needed to ship me new buds. So typical, I feel, as customer, like they gave me the support bait and switch. Bait me with “you’re going to be handled”. Switch me to cancelled.

I still haven’t received any shipping notification or confirmation they’re sending me a replacement. So nope, it isn’t resolved. And as customer I have to do all the legwork AGAIN. Come one Wyze. When the gun safe was released my initial thought was “cool!” Then I started looking closer and thought “is this price really that innovative?” I want to buy the gun safe, I want to buy more color bulbs. I want the light strips, I want to buy the leak detectors and those prices don’t seem disruptive either.
But these experiences sort of make me say “meh.” and honestly I’m starting to think Wyze isn’t price disruptive anymore either, except maybe on the cams. Because the color bulbs are great but really don’t do that much.

Unrelated to my support experience is the lack of innovation in at Wyze for products I own. Features like color automations (More options for Bulb Color) and a 3-way switch are supposedly on roadmap but never materialize. For the color bulbs not even agile/incremental progress. The cams are like “sometimes”. Sometimes I click to see my 7 or 8 cams, and boom, they show instantly. Other times (like literally 5 minutes later, same network, haven’t moved) one cam is instant, two just cycle “working”.

Great products (unless they die and you need support) and no innovation or product maturity. I guess this turned into a vent. It’s not a rant or meant to be one. Please don’t reply from Wyze with “I’ll look into this!!!” as a show post. If you’re really not able to do (or going to) anything just let this post die out.


Omg u sound exactly like me but I have purchased hundreds of dollars in service (works sometimes and no refund for not) and thousands on products. Their customer service is without a doubt the worst I have EVER experienced. And they don’t care. I said this 4 years ago… stop making more products and focusing on that and fix the current ones. But as the owners are young little money gurus, and they make money off the products, they just are slamming out more and more.
Funny thing is, people are responding accordingly. I can not tell u the last time I walked down my clearance isle at Walmart and didn’t see a Wyze product in the shelf. Hmmm. That’s people responding. Soon they won’t have customers to purchase any of the new products because they aren’t spending the time energy and attention to current customers. It’sa whole lot easier to retain and keep what you have then to get new customers. Plus, 4 years ago, I would have purchased their entire line of products. But as I have seen what you are saying myself, I won’t get purchase even from that clearance isle.