Trouble customer service

Folks, I have been a customer of Wyze since 2020. I have had so many issues with their product. I can tell from the changes so far that the owners of this company are chasing big bucks. They are not producing products for quality. Quality is deficient. They keep introducing new products every few months to add to their low-quality products. I am unsure why they can’t focus on the previous products and improve them instead of making a new portable Vacuum cleaner or smartwatch. I bought Wyze products for security around my apartment. Their sensors are garbage, and the light bulb system is of shallow quality. I have constantly had issues with sensors turning the lights. Most of the issues arise when Amazon AWS has issues. The owners will bankrupt this company shortly. I don’t think they are making a ton of profit at the moment. I will remove all their products and say goodbye to this mess. Customer service is deficient. You can not barely get a human over the phone. Their hype buyers are the ones who droll for the newest low-quality product and can easily be brainwashed by the hype. I opened a ticket this morning and have yet to get a response back—trouble customer service. Wyze will keep adding new products, and quality will continue declining. They used to be a decent budget product and nowadays are dollar store quality. Buy their product at your own risk, and when you have problems, good luck getting support.

Every time I’ve called customer support , the automated voice message will say they’re experiencing a delay in response time yet I always get an agent on the phone in under 5 minutes…