Wyze support is Garbage - What's your experience?

So I’ve been using Wyze for a few years been very happy.

Recently got the new wyze sprinkler control. Short story the unit essentially caught fire and is now malfunctioning.

Though ohh great ok these things happen after all so I’ll open a ticket and get the unit replaced or refunded.

Ok now it’s been a weeks and I haven’t even had one official communication they are dealing with it.

Had an automatic message saying my ticket is open but other than that nothing.

I had posted the failure on the forum here and a few people told me to open a ticket and they they were eager to get the product back to look at.

If this is standard operating procedure for wyze support then I’m done with their products. I’m fully expecting a slight delay in responds couple of days but a week. A week with a fire hazardous product that I can’t do anything with and now have a non functioning system due to it.

At this point this is my final attempt to try and get it resolved. I’ve written of the unit and the $49 cost as a learning lesson since ei fully expect wyze to continue to ignore me and I’m currently now forced to go out and buy and alternative product to get my irrigation system functioning again.

Well done Wyze if your goal was to upset long term customers forcing them to spend additional money and move away from your products you did a great job you nailed it.

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Wyze Ticket 1028094

Try calling:
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Would if I could but I’m at work and calling isn’t an option but sitting in front of a computer I can deal with emails and electronic communication.

If the only way to get support from Wyze is calling why even have an electronic option to open a ticket and email support available?

Am I misunderstanding your post. It actually caught fire all by itself and is now malfunctioning.

I would disconnect it if it’s already caught fire.

I would also expect any half decent company to fully investigate why their product had developed a dangerous fault resulting in a fire, so they know why it happened and if it’s an isolated case.

Very irresponsible of any company to produce an item that doesn’t fail safe and even worse if they ignore it.

This doesn’t look good unless like I said I misunderstood your post.

You are correct when I plugged it in it glowed red started to pop and smoke and I unplugged it as quickly as I could.

the unit is 80% functional zone 1 does not work and zone 2 pushing power all the time even when prompted not to.

I have a separate forum post and the wyze personal I engaged with do indeed seem concerned and want the unit back to investigate.

However it’s impossible to get hold of customers service to actually do this! I keep getting told ohh just call them just call them well I work full time I can sneak in some electronic emails etc so unopened a ticket online a week ago and I’ve gotten crickets no answers now support no help.

The unit is currently unplugged but I ahev wired it up zones 5-8 and it does work. But long term if it’s already had a malfunctioning I’m not using it long term. I’ve used it twice to water the lawn all the time sitting next to the unit to make sure it doesn’t catch fire again since a failure in the control now means I don’t have a safe solution for my system.

I should have learned from my gut I didn’t buy their thermostats since a failure in that means no A/c or heating so should have taken the same approach with their sprinkler and shopped elsewhere.

Reply back to the (generic) eMail w/ your ticket number in subject and request:

  • RMA
  • Prepaid mailing label
  • Replacement unit or refund.
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Thank I’ll give that a try now

I never considered Wyze products to have the quality and reliability required for critical systems such as A/C but didn’t think they would set on fire.

Pretty dreadful experience altogether.

Yep and apparently my return has to be in its original condition and packaging. Well as the bloody thing had an electrical malfunction and caught fire I doubt it’s in the original condition

Hi @nobody_230, Looks like you are making progress. The “original condition and packaging” is the generic RMA response.
Assuming you included the “Electrical Fire” description in Wyze Ticket #1028094 there should be no problem.
You can also include a link to this forum post with a reply to the RMA eMail.

Slowly but surely in the right direction guess I just slipped through the cracks until I complained on the forums

That’s how corporate America rolls. Meaning, WYZE isn’t the only one to operate this way. I know people that have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on a motorcycle and couldn’t get proper support for their issue until they went out and (ehem) complained on the manufacturers facebook site.

It’s true in more ways than one, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Do Wyze have a Facebook page.
Maybe you should complain on there.
Let other people know how Wyze treat their customers after their dangerously faulty products catch fire.

I also notice that the some brands have many more electrical fires than others even when you factor in their market share.
In my view this has to be down to poorly designed shoddy products.

I will avoid all Wyze products

They have a twitter account but seem slow responding there as well.

Hi @nobody_230 any updates? I’m going to check to see if Gwendolyn needs a new stick. . .

@Brlepage and others are hoping this is resolved soon. Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:


They finally sent me a return label and due to the circumstances of the fault once returned will be issuing me a full refund including the original postage which isn’t normally refund.

So got there in the end will be going in the post tomorrow and hopefully once they get it they will issue my refund with no further issues fingers crossed anyways.

I still like some of wyze products but is has taught me to shy away from their critical system products that if they go down on left high and dry. Cameras goes offline no biggie thermostats or sprinkler system fails well now I have a whole non functioning system. Im probably going to shy away from their security system for this reason also just not reliable enough.

Hi @nobody_230 Thanks for the feedback and glad you have a solution in hand.

  • Don’t think there will be an issue with the refund but keep the tracking number. I always hand returns over the counter and get a receipt.
  • Wyze stands behind their product but their Support seems to be a bit overwhelmed lately.

Good luck to you in all your future endevaors. Post back if you have any troubles, otherwize click the solution. :+1:


Glad to see you finally getting somewhere and yeah Wyze products were never reliable enough to be trusted in critical systems or security.

My question is, seeing how Wyze haven’t given this serious fire starting fault any priority or treated it with the seriousness it demands.

Why would anyone continue to buy Wyze products.

Does anyone believe Wyze have the capacity or willingness to find out why there product caught fire. And how long will this take given that it takes them a ridiculous length of time to do a simple refund.

Not saying they are bad people, like someone else said they may be overwhelmed. Not much comfort though if one of their products sets your house on fire.

As someone who works in tech support, it’s not that black and white. When you send in a ticket, just like with a phone system, there’s a queue and it takes time for that request to be read.

Also, again, you’re assuming that the product is at fault but a lot of our calls come from customers who install their product incorrectly. I’m not saying that this is on you, I’m saying that there are 2 sides to every support issue.