Wyze Sprinkler Electrical Fault

I would recommend unplugging this unit and not using it. I would also call support and let them know what is going on. When you get a ticket number can you please post it here and I will make sure someone at Wyze sees this thread.

WYZE Support

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Thanks Jason 21271. I’ve done multiple tested now and it seems to be ok now other than channels 1 dead and 2 on all the time. I’ve left it unplugged after my initial troubleshooting and have contacted support and open a ticket. I suspect I’ll have to return the unit and get a replacement for it which I’m less than impressed about since I’ve been waiting months and now don’t have a working irrigation system and it could take wyze forever to replace it since they only just started shipping preorders so we shall see what they say tomorrow in response to my ticket.

[Wyze Ticket 1028094] We’re working on your request: Wyze Sprinkler Electrical Burning

Thank you for letting us know and our apologies for this! I’ll get this info to the team.

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I’m sorry to hear about your issue. This is definitely not expected and I’d like to get the unit back for testing. Have you already contacted our support team? If not please open a ticket so we can send you a replacement unit and get this one back to see what’s going on.


I’ve opened a ticket but yet to have a response yet from anyone. Ticket number 1028094. I’d be happy to send it back but getting but have concern on getting a replacement unit. I love Wyze and it’s products I have several now but personally :astonished: I don’t want to have to wait months to get a replacement unit since your sold out of control units and this was a pre-order my concern is I could be waiting awhile with out a replacement unit and in the mean time I’m left with out a working irrigation system since I removed the old one and replaced it with the wyze. So I’ll have to see what support comes back with but i might have to go with a different brand can’t be with out a solution for months after all.

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Don’t suppose anyone can help in getting this resolved with support. I’ve put in a ticket and yet to hear a thing form Wyze offically regarding getting the unit returned/replaced or refunded.

Ticket number 1028094

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Have you got anything resolved yet? I just tried installing mine yesterday and am having similar problems with my unit. Going to mess with it some more today but I dont having a good feeling it is going to work.

It’s been several days with an open ticket and I’ve yet to have anyone reach out to me to resolve the issues. I’m frankly very disappointed and it’s left quote a sour taste in my mouth over the whole thing. Die to the potential fire risk involved as it’s already smoked and popped and crackled when initially turned on it’s just sitting ont my wall off.

I reach out and opened a ticket 5 days ago and I’m starting to feel like wyze has ghosted me nothing. I’m half thinking I’m going to have to go an buy another sprinkler control some a company that doesn’t catch fire and smoke and eat the $49 I gave to wyze it looks like it isn’t going to get resolved anytime soon by the looks of it. I’ve been using their products for yrs and been pretty happy by this whole incident and to zero comms has completely put me off.

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Well I finally got my unit after waiting forever and went to install and found this instructions very cumbersome. But I have been doing irrigation stuff for over 40 years and I guess the instructions were for dummies. Check common and other splice connections in your system. The voltage is low and does not like additional resistance in the circuits. Good Luck…Ed

Nothing to do with my wiring the unite caught fire!

If I take a multimeter and check the output from zone one zero output does push any power out when I turn that zone on.

If I check the power output from zone 2 it outputs power all the time even if I tell it to turn on or not.

Zones 3-8 work like normal no problems.

I actually have my 4 zones powered up 5 to 8 and the unit functions.

However due to the initial fire of when I turned the unit on and the fact the unit constantly pushes power to zone 2 even when prompted it is turned off and I’ve only used the unit to water my lawn twice supervised as I am concerned of another failure in the unit.

Been a week and I still have had zero communication from wyze regarding this failure in their unit.

At this point I might as well go out and buy a better product since they don’t look like they are going to even acknowledge my open ticket right now. Let along try and fix the issue.

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Hey, sorry to hear you haven’t heard back yet. That definitely isn’t expected. I’m going to go shake some trees right away. Thanks for letting us know!

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Thank you. I just had an email. Apparently my return needs to be in original condition. Going to be a little difficult with the electrical fire and burning I smelt when I plugged it in it’s definitely not in its original condition or functioning correctly.

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I’m going to go poke some folks with a stick. Sit tight!


I have a very similar issue. My zones always output power. They never stop even when I tell it to stop watering therefore the controller only opens the valves but cannot close them??

Similar issue. Controller worked for days. Today I realize zone 7 doesn’t work. Rebooted controller and tried again. Then realized no zones worked. Went to reboot it again and the screen had began to melt where C was wired in. Burning smell as well. Pretty scary. Unplugged for now and submitted a log via the app. Hope to get this replaced and hopefully a new one with updated hardware

I’ve heard nothing from support!! Please can someone check on my ticket. The numbers 1175697

The units is completely useless right now. Had to power it off. It doesn’t work at all. The logs been submitted! All it does it open the valves won’t close them

And recently just cycles through powering on and off

Hi @jackfirth Try giving Wyze Support a call on Monday.
Live support is available: +1-206.339.9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Why can’t they just reply to my emails??

Sometimes tickets or emails may get lost. I’m sorry this happened. Definitely call with the information @dr.know provided.

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