Sprinkler Controller - AC Adapter/Controller Failure Out of the Box

I just completed setup (wiring/mounting) of my Wyze Sprinkler Controller. I plugged the AC adapter into a known good outlet (same one from my RainBird), tested presence of power at the adapter with an AC tester, but got none of the orange pairing lights. I unplugged and plugged the barrel connector at the back of the controller, heard a humming sound from the AC adapter, followed by a pop and trip of the circuit breaker. Smoke billowed out of the AC adapter and it was hot to the touch. I’m hopeful there is no additional damage to the existing irrigation system; and, without the protection of a circuit breaker the adapter likely would have started a fire.

I just submitted my support request and received a Wyze Ticket from an automated customer service solution. I am hopeful for a prompt response. If not, the issue/matter becomes clear - this is my last Wyze product purchase and I will campaign against friends/family/etc from buying Wyze products. Step 1 - Submit (and wait for) Support. Step 2 - Share my experience on the Wyze Community Forum.

Could you please give me your ticket number so I can make sure they get this information.

Wyze Ticket 1054905 - thanks Jason.

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Thank you, I will make sure this gets pushed up.

To be fair, their automated Email response did include an SLA statement: “Note: We are experiencing high support volumes, and our response may be delayed 48-72 hours.” The ticket was submitted at 1:54 pm EST today so I will wait. I was just disappointed a phone number for support wasn’t immediately obvious or evident and I am certain Wyze would want to be aware of a product that emitted smoke after being plugged into an outlet. I appreciate whatever escalation ability you have. Thank you.

If you would like to call here is a number. I usually try to make them aware if I see failures of this type to make sure they do not fall between the cracks.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Thank you for letting us know and we’re sorry to hear about this event! I snagged your ticket number and sent it to the team. Support is closed for the evening so I can’t promise a response tonight but they have the number now. Thanks for posting it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @WyzeJasonJ and @WyzeGwendolyn for the support. Wyze is shipping a replacement kit per an Email sent this morning. I’m hopeful the root cause was a fluke in QC for the AC adapter and nothing more. Once I receive the replacement and attempt setup again, I’ll post a follow-up to close out this thread. Thanks again.


I just wanted to provide an update to close out this thread. I received a replacement Wyze Sprinkler Controller kit in the mail yesterday. Re-installation and setup went without any issues or concerns. I suspect the failure on the first kit was due to a defective AC wall adapter. Many thanks for the community support offered in this thread.

Thanks for the update I am glad they got everything handled

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Exact same thing happen to me. Power supply so hot it’s smoking, luckily break and gfi both tripped. On hold with customer service, already been hung up in once. I am about done with ALL Wyze products, Constantly having issues. Not much security when cameras either have connection issue or you have to unplug to reset about every 2-3 days. Now I have a smoking power supply 10 minutes after installing.

Oh, jeez. That’s concerning and we’re sorry! Did you get through to customer support?

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Yes. Over a 30minute phone call with NO resolution, have to wait for 48-72 hours for an EMAIL… It’s very simple just simply send new product (for exchange) with return posting and I send defected product back. Instead I have to wait for an email.

I went to send all my Wyze stuff back.

May I please have your order number from that sprinkler purchase and has your shipping information or email address changed? That is not what this process should have been so I need to go report this to the team as a training opportunity. We are so sorry that this has been your experience.


Order # 006909314
Nothing has changed

Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had the exact same problem when I first got my controller. The transformer was buzzing loudly. I contacted customer support and they sent me a new one. So if they are telling you they haven’t heard of this before then they are not being truthful.

Mine is hot, even when the system’s not running. I unplugged it yesterday and the brittle plastic housing came apart; all 3 of the plastic screw posts snapped off and the guts fell out. Switched off the circuit breaker (conveniently right next to the outlet) and extracted all the parts, reassembled it and it’s now held together with Gorilla tape.

I returned mine, I don’t want to burn my house down. This an ongoing proble rant Wyze refuses to admit to (“this is the first time I heard this”) the standard response from Wtze. waiting for refund.

Wyze customer service was able to send me another sprinkler. I switched out only the AC Adapter and the new one works as it should. If anyone is still having issues I would ask for a replacement and hope that the newer batches are no longer having the same troubles.