Replacement for Sprinkler Controller Power Adapter?

I contacted support about this, but didn’t have any luck.

I received the Controller with a damaged AC power adaptor. The seal that splits the middle is not closed, and can be fully opened. It supplies power, but I fear it may be a fire hazard.

Does anyone know where I could buy a replacement power adapter? Here are the details from the front of the adapter:

AC/AC Adatpor
Mode: HMQ-SM2401
Input: 120 V ~ 60 Hz 800mA Max
Output: 24V ~ 1.0A

thanks in advance

Wyze should be replacing that under warranty.

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Unfortunately the gal who e-mailed me this morning said they would not send a new one.

Welcome @okeefe !
I would suggest asking support again, they definitely should be replacing the power supply as @Newshound mentioned. Also, do you have a support ticket for that email?

Hi Brlepage,
That ticket # is 1334387

In the ticket, I included a couple photos showing the abnormality of the adapter.


Just as an update to this, a different support person reached out to me via the ticket and offered a replacement, which is being shipped now. I just needed to talk to the right folks at Wyze, I suppose!

Thanks all


I had the same issue: the power supply came with the two haves separated and the transformer exposed. Seems like a fire/shock hazard. For now, I taped the two haves back together with gorilla tape, as I didn’t want to wait for a new power supply.

Our apologies! While we generally are favorable toward DIY, we would really like to replace this for you and take yours back to see what happened. Do you have a support ticket?

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My power adapter split too. I zip tied it together. It appears the screws used to hold it together are undersized and won’t grab.

If you get in touch with support they will send you a new one and take that one back.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


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@UserCustomerGwen or @WyzeJasonJ

I just noticed that the case for my Wyze Sprinkler power supply has split open as well. I opened ticket #3153451 for this, but the support rep indicated they won’t replace the power supply because it’s no longer under warranty. I purchased it over 2 years ago.

This type of failure could be extremely dangerous, since it exposes live mains voltage. I would think it would be in Wyze’s best interest to offer a replacement, regardless of warranty status. Is there anything you can do to help? Or will I just need to DIY a repair?

I am sorry this happened. Let me check in on this before you attempt a DIY repair.

Thank you @WyzeJasonJ , I appreciate your help!

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This happened to me as well. I preordered the sprinkler controller so it is out of warranty, but the AC adapter broke in half and customer service (ticket number 3175136) won’t replace it. Is there anything you can do? I have it unplugged now because it’s a fire hazard.

Old thread, but my power adapter just quit working on a sprinkler controller that is 1.5 years old, really not even 2 seasons old yet. Contacted customer service, and because it’s out of warranty, they’re telling me I have to purchase an entirely new controller just to get the power adapter. I’m willing to purchase another adapter, but think it’s a bit rediculous that the only solution to this is to throw out a perfectly good controller. (I know it’s good because I have two controllers, and the one good adapter will run either controller.) Looking for an alternative adapter, and I’ll post up if I find one.

$11 for an adapter on Amazon. Plugged it in and it works fine. Only things to be aware of are that the cord is shorter, and more importantly the adapter plug is not a “right angle” plug, and you will need to remount the controller with a wood block or something behind it, or the plug won’t quite clear the wall. I’d have happily paid Wyze more for an original replacement plug, and think it’s absurd that their only option is to buy an entirely new sprinkler controller…

24V 1A Power Adapter 24W Infrared Power Supply Adapter 100V-240V AC to DC 24 Volt 1000,800,600,400,300,200,100mA Available

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They need to have a recall on these. I ordered one of these, installed it, took the power adapter out of the box and it was already separated. Got a replacement from Amazon and the same exact issue. If I recall right these boxes say they were made in 2021. They must have made a TON of these and not sold as well as they hoped.
Regardless, they should pull all these back and replace the power adapter. This is dangerous.