Question about replacements/returns

So, I went to move my Sprinkler power adapter/plug to a different outlet and when I unplugged it, it the cover fall apart in half. It still worked, but the cover was broken off where the screws plugged into to hold it together. It was never dropped or anything (I have theories about what caused it, but that’s irrelevant here).

I told Wyze support I love the Sprinkler controller and it works great, I just need a plug. They told me that unfortunately they have to send an entirely new sprinkler kit just to replace the plug.

I really don’t want to go through the whole set up and rewiring and taking new pictures and everything ALL OVER AGAIN…though I will if I absolutely must.

My question is this…Can I just take the cord out of my replacement kit they sent, and keep my old controller (which works fine) and just return the new controller with the old cord?

Or did they blacklist the old controller’s Serial Number, MAC, etc, or put it into their system in a way that they need that specific controller to be returned, and if I send the new and unused one back instead they’ll think I stole from them or something? I am tempted to return the brand new unused one to save me all that time and hassle if possible. It would be better for them too if we could come to that agreement…they could use that for a replacement rather than have a used one back…

I am 99% sure you can just use the cord


Thanks, I feel the same way, but wanted another opinion. And don’t worry, I know you are just sharing your personal opinion and not speaking for Wyze with any guarantees or anything. The full responsibility is 100% mine even if it doesn’t turn out the way I hope. I appreciate you sharing your personal opinion/insight, always feel free to do this with me.

I will include a note with the return that I chose to do it this way and the returned one is untouched and brand new still if that makes a difference for them.

Did they request the unit back?

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Yeah, they sent me a return label with return instructions. It is just generic instructions saying “your Wyze Product” but if they sent me an entire Sprinkler controller, and a return kit, they almost for sure want a whole kit back too (including the broken plug), and I’m okay with doing so…they just didn’t have any lone power adapter/plugs to replace it with so had to send a whole kit just to get me the plug. Poor Wyze. It’s all good though.

I’m going to try doing this and just include an explanatory note in the package and hope that works. I’d imagine the ABSOLUTE WORST CASE SCENARIO would be requiring me to return the sprinkler controller I have as the system logged it as a return coming in, and me having to buy a new one…but that’s completely unlikely. Most reasonable worst case scenario would be me asking if someone will escalate the issue up to an employee like Gwendolyn and seeing if they can just have someone override the situation (or just make me pay the shipping to get it fixed correctly (which would be reasonable since I’m the one who would’ve caused the screw up), and we’ll then have learned to never do that again. :rofl: I’ll be a volunteer guinea pig and see how it turns out. I’ll be sure to let you know if something unexpected happens (having no entitlement thinking you have to help me resolve it or anything like that nor putting any responsibility on anyone but myself for the test). :slight_smile: I know Wyze has always been pretty reasonable with me in my experience, and they’ll see I’m not trying to get away with anything devious or screw them over or anything, so I also think it’ll be fine. We’ll see! :slight_smile: I appreciate the supportive opinion, despite it being all my responsibility. :wink:

Since the old one works fine, except the cord, just remove the cord from the new one, and then send the new one back. Unless, they’re tracking serial numbers on each unit, then they’ll probably want the old one back too.

That’s what I was afraid of. they did ask me to take a screenshot of the Device info page or take a picture of the label on the sprinkler controller. This indicates that they intended to enter the serial number or MAC address or something as part of the return process. So I was a little worried about this.

Still, I did go through with this, and took just the cord from the new one and kept my old controller while sending the new unused controller back with a note explaining this. We’ll see if there are any repercussions. So far everything is fine. Worst case scenario I’ll have to buy a new one and have learned a valuable lesson. :rofl: I won’t blame Wyze though, it will have been my fault for trying to take shortcuts…[reasonable shortcuts, but not following instructions exactly nonetheless].