Wyze support is Garbage - What's your experience?

Hi @nobody_230, Looks like you are making progress. The “original condition and packaging” is the generic RMA response.
Assuming you included the “Electrical Fire” description in Wyze Ticket #1028094 there should be no problem.
You can also include a link to this forum post with a reply to the RMA eMail.

Slowly but surely in the right direction guess I just slipped through the cracks until I complained on the forums

That’s how corporate America rolls. Meaning, WYZE isn’t the only one to operate this way. I know people that have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on a motorcycle and couldn’t get proper support for their issue until they went out and (ehem) complained on the manufacturers facebook site.

It’s true in more ways than one, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Do Wyze have a Facebook page.
Maybe you should complain on there.
Let other people know how Wyze treat their customers after their dangerously faulty products catch fire.

I also notice that the some brands have many more electrical fires than others even when you factor in their market share.
In my view this has to be down to poorly designed shoddy products.

I will avoid all Wyze products

They have a twitter account but seem slow responding there as well.

Hi @nobody_230 any updates? I’m going to check to see if Gwendolyn needs a new stick. . .

@Brlepage and others are hoping this is resolved soon. Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:


They finally sent me a return label and due to the circumstances of the fault once returned will be issuing me a full refund including the original postage which isn’t normally refund.

So got there in the end will be going in the post tomorrow and hopefully once they get it they will issue my refund with no further issues fingers crossed anyways.

I still like some of wyze products but is has taught me to shy away from their critical system products that if they go down on left high and dry. Cameras goes offline no biggie thermostats or sprinkler system fails well now I have a whole non functioning system. Im probably going to shy away from their security system for this reason also just not reliable enough.

Hi @nobody_230 Thanks for the feedback and glad you have a solution in hand.

  • Don’t think there will be an issue with the refund but keep the tracking number. I always hand returns over the counter and get a receipt.
  • Wyze stands behind their product but their Support seems to be a bit overwhelmed lately.

Good luck to you in all your future endevaors. Post back if you have any troubles, otherwize click the solution. :+1:


Glad to see you finally getting somewhere and yeah Wyze products were never reliable enough to be trusted in critical systems or security.

My question is, seeing how Wyze haven’t given this serious fire starting fault any priority or treated it with the seriousness it demands.

Why would anyone continue to buy Wyze products.

Does anyone believe Wyze have the capacity or willingness to find out why there product caught fire. And how long will this take given that it takes them a ridiculous length of time to do a simple refund.

Not saying they are bad people, like someone else said they may be overwhelmed. Not much comfort though if one of their products sets your house on fire.

As someone who works in tech support, it’s not that black and white. When you send in a ticket, just like with a phone system, there’s a queue and it takes time for that request to be read.

Also, again, you’re assuming that the product is at fault but a lot of our calls come from customers who install their product incorrectly. I’m not saying that this is on you, I’m saying that there are 2 sides to every support issue.

I’ve only had good results from Wyze support, both ticket-wise and calling in, but I predicted that this would slip.
Just look at how diverse the Wyze portfolio is now? The company started with a camera and now it’s door locks, sensors, bulbs, thermostats and sprinklers (they are going to regret these, believe me! - it’s one thing for a customer to put up a camera and another one for them to wire their own Tstat and sprinkler, and if you wire a sprinkler wrong, that’s a fire hazard, it’s easy for many but some people are going to do it wrong), smartwatch, dbc, robovac etc. etc.
It’s too much, too fast, imho and I’m sure they haven’t expanded their support staff by that much.

For something as important as a product that caught fire, I would find the time to call, but good luck to you moving forward.

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My experience is that it can take weeks for Wyze to respond to tickets that I’ve submitted via email. The support I get once they respond is absolutely wonderful though. If you need immediate assistance (which I definitely would if something catches fire) then you probably want to call them instead. I’ve never done that, but from what I read on the forums it seems that the time to get somebody on the phone can vary wildly, from minutes to hours.

There’s a reason I’ll never use a Wyze product that is involved with or controls a critical component of my house. For the same reason I wouldn’t trust something from Harbor Freight that if it fails, means certain maiming or death (car lift, extension ladders, yard power tools, etc.).

It appears to many that Wyze, since the launch of the Lock, have been using the general public as beta testers, rushing product to market to get the revenue infusion. I don’t mind the inconvenience for something like Cam V3 or the Robot Vaccum, to an extent. But there’s zero chance I want to wait 21+ days for an email response or 60+ minutes on hold to talk to a person when my thermostat won’t kick the heat on when it’s -2 F outside. Likewise for the lock and the sprinkler system. The support experience has been getting progressively and considerably worse over the last 18 months.


You nailed it as far as I’m concerned. I only own the cams and won’t be buying anything other than the cams.

Edit: Crap, I forgot I did get sucked into pre-ordering a watch. I ordered it so long ago I totally forgot about it. LOL


Yes there’s a queue which takes time to process, however from my experience it is black and white.
long waits are avoided by employing sufficient numbers of appropriately trained staff to service your customers within the timescales you set.

Wyze have failed to do this resulting in people waiting days or weeks for support.

As for assuming the product is at fault, the point is Wyze are in no a hurry to find out why it caught fire so how do people trust their products not to cause a fire.

Even without the fire risk why would people choose Wyze given the ridiculous wait for support.

ans. People choose Wyze given the ridiculous low prices. :heavy_dollar_sign:

Same reason I choose Harbor Freight. Sometimes just need a tool for one job, time isn’t critical and about the same price for renting. Zero time returning tool and waiting for deposit.
Not to mention, who bothers to steal a HF tool :joy:

You’re not wrong, that’s certainly why I chose Wyze cams as at that point I’d not done enough product research to invest $$$$$$ getting proper security cameras installed.

However critical equipment controllers are a different matter. IMO choosing low quality equipment for those things is just not worth the hassle.

Agree @a3fb65ebb1afc7641c29
When Wyze starts selling automotive brake parts, I’m out. :rofl:

Looks like your name came from a password generator. Are you an A.I. Denizen? :brain:

Omg Wyze brake parts. Your brakes have lost connection, please try later.

No I’m not A.I. Denizen, is just the user name that was added automatically when I first came on here. It didn’t offer an option to change it that I noticed.
Maybe Wyze use a password generator to add user names.
Thought about changing it a couple of times but dont know how and I’ve got used to it now.


So your children would be a3fb65ebb1afc7641c29.1 and a3fb65ebb1afc7641c29.2 ?