BEWARE! Sprinkler Controller Voucher issue

This seems to be a common issue for others as well:

I purchased my “so-called SMART” sprinkler controller in March 2024 and I still have not been able to redeem my 1-year voucher to activate the SMART advanced features, I’ve reached out patiently to tech support at least 4 times and have never gotten a solution or much less a quick response – there appears to be a ghost town at the tech support office. I’ve tried tirelessly the recommended SIMPLE steps (re-add the voucher code on their website) over, and over, and over again. Trust me WYZE it DOES NOT WORK!!! We are not stupid like you might think.

In the end, I’m contemplating returning to a Rachio controller – it just worked. I guess it’s time to leave my review for the product on Amazon, with a link to this forum/ post, and move on. My grass is more important than a $39.99 DUMB paperweight. Moreover, I can’t even pay for the subscription and move on, thus the app won’t let me, SMH

Sorry to hear of your issue @zepedafamily713.

Do you have your ticket numbers from Wyze support. If you post them I will see if I can get eyes on this for you.

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I am having the same issue. Except support is telling me that Sprinkler Plus is no longer accepted. The website right now says it is included for a year. I have asked for assistance setting it up and I have not gotten any help.

I also could not get the full year as promised when I bought this a month ago. I haven’t called yet because I have three months free, which came up when I tried registering. I am waiting for an answer.


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