Sprinkler Controller too smart!

Installed my wyze smart sprinkler controller last weekend. It’s to “Smart” as it runs on its own.

Skipped all the run schedule and all of a sudden my neighbor was knocking on my door saying that “is it flooding in your house?” That was 11:45pm and it has been running since 7pm. Was really surprised why it runs. After this issue I turned off the valve.

I checked the app and see if really did run. Lo and behold not a single trace the it run. Contacted wyze support on Monday and no answer yet. Tried to troubleshoot and reset the controller on Monday. I did not see anything. Make sure skipped all the schedule. No issues on Tuesday and this morning it did run again on its own. Very smart right.

Looks light this wyze smart sprinkler controller will find its way back to wyze because it’s too smart.

Did you guys experienced this?


Listen, and understand. That sprinkler is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are wet.


Maybe it’s my preference in movies, but I found this comment very satisfying.

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The exactly the same problems, but close. I just installed two sprinkler controllers. The first one could not verify the license and the second one activated and then setup a default schedule for 6 hours! It tuned on individual zones and then all of them at the same time! I did not notice, as it turned on later in the day, so it ran 2 hours before I noticed, flooding the area and then running into the street. I deleted the default schedule which was setup for running 6 hours and finally got it to turn off. Now I have no idea what to do.

Right after I installed the Sprinkler I went through the device to see what it was up to and saw that it had created a schedule to run for 70 minutes. I live in the desert, where we are only allowed to water 12 minutes a week during the winter months so I modified the 70 minutes schedule to a 12 minute one. You should be able to create your own schedule(s) for whenever and however long you want it to run.

And to top it up, Wyze support sucks. I did not get any concrete reply on this issue 29dyas after I raised it. Until now we keep going back and forth, do this do that for things I already did and communicated tk them. It’s very frustrating. I’m really really close of returning it!

Similar issue but by wyze sprinkler opens the valves but will not close them. The only way I can get them to close is to remove the power from the controller!!

I’ve tried to stop the sprinkler from running but to no avail. I’ve canceled all schedules and the calendar reflects that no sprinkler actions have happened for the past 2 weeks but the sprinkler is still running every morning. I’ve reset the controller (removed power and reconnected) and the weather here is raining so the Sprinkler Plus is activated but says it skipping actions. BUT I still have the sprinklers coming on in the morning. What do I do now? The only action that I can see me doing is unplugging the sprinkler controller.