Wyze sprinkler plus failed! Flooded my home

I noticed around end of January 2023 that I had a lot of water in the morning around my yard for about 3 days in a row starting around January 28th.

I thought it was a leak in the neighbor’s yard since wyze schedule did not show any history of watering nor any schedule planned.

Then on the fourth day, no watering happened as expected. Note there was no watering whatsoever the entire December 2022 due to rain, cold, etc.

Today February 3rd 2023 I wake up to a lot of water flooding my front yard and backyard. I noticed that suddenly watering is scheduled for today and tomorrow for both trees and grass. On a cold week in Arizona I do not expect watering back to back. Not even in summer. Also note when I checked the default schedule three days ago, the month of February was MISSING in the schedule calendar.

So, the water today kept running. Even after the schedule claimed to have finished watering the sprinklers kept going. Until I manual stopped them via the app “stop schedule” water drop icon!!!

My whole yard is flooded and I don’t think I can ever trust Wyze AI anymore.
I have had sprinkler plus activated since July 2022. It seemed to have been working OK on default schedule until end of January and now!!!

I will call support, but I really doubt they can help much. They never seem to have anybody from software in their customer service people. Let alone “AI”. They are usually clueless and reading from some alternate universe script regardless of what you try to explain to them.

Very very frustrated!!!

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Yet just another example of how Wyze has no clue how to do software and shouldn’t keep releasing new software based products.

This has been happening to me! My Wyze sprinker controller will “phantom run” a zone for multiple hours without reporting it. I later notice from my water flow monitor and confirm via security cameras that my sprinklers are running unnecessarily for hours! I always submit logs to Wyze but they don’t seem to care