Sprinkler plus not working right

This is my 2nd summer w/ the sprinkler controller and sprinkler plus but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. I was reasonably happy w / it last year but this year just very erratic. For example, we got a ton of rain last night and the ground saturation is showing high but it is still planning to sprinkle again today. I am also not getting skip notifications so I have to go in each morning like playing the lottery to see what it plans to do and manually either water or skip. Anyone else having these issues?

Is there supposed to be a skip notification? I’m trying to figure out why it didn’t run my schedule today. I live in Texas. The app shows the saturation on all zones at 0%. There is no wind. It hasn’t rained in 20 days and there’s no forecast for rain anytime soon. Yet, it skipped for some reason. I’m guessing this is somewhat related to your issue.

Incidentally, my parents live a block from me. They are on the same schedule and both of our sprinkler controllers are on the same firmware version. Their schedule did run today.

I’m not getting skip notifications either and same erratic behavior… Can someone from wyze comment if their AI engine has run amuck??

I just found this post: Wyze sprinkler smart schedule not watering - #3 by mrvcdx

Looks like we are seeing a bug they are working on a fix for.

More strange behavior. I updated to the 1.0.10 beta firmware. I set a manual schedule to run this morning and end at sunrise since the smart schedule isn’t working. That manual schedule ran fine. At about 5:10pm I noticed my sprinklers running. I looked at the manual schedule and all of a sudden it’s set to start at 5:06pm. I have not used the Wyze app at all today so I don’t know how it could have changed. It definitely was right earlier this morning when it ran correctly.

@WyzeJasonJ can take a look at this and the other linked thread. Probably want to get device logs and post them here in the devices settings > Wyze support > submit a log.