Wyze sprinkler smart schedule not watering

I had a wyze sprinkler setup that was working fine, however after I got back from vacation I found that it burned itself out (literally the face plate was melted). Wyze quickly replaced it (side note: the first replacement had a bad power brick) however now the smart schedule does not show any days in the forecast that it will water any of my zones, even if I set the soil moisture level to 0%. I’ve been on support for various days, submitted logs various times but no one is really looking into the issue, just telling me to reset the device, or check my settings. The thing is that the settings are exactly the same. So something really weird is going on. Anyone see this before?

The manual watering works fine, but the reason I bought this was for the smart scheduling.

Mine is also not working but doing something different. The smart schedule has scheduled waterings seemingly well. For example there was supposed to be a cycle today at 2am. At 12am, it showed still scheduled. Then I wake up, no watering and now it’s pushed to the next day. Like the 3rd time, it keeps not watering and pushing it to the next day…it’s dry as a bone, not related to getting rain. Anyone else seeing this?

Same exact thing happened to me. Opened a ticket, attached log. This is the response I received this morning…

This has been determined as a bug in our service and is not a hardware issue. Your log has been sent to our Engineers.

Rest assured they are looking into the root cause to integrate what was lacking in our system. We don’t have an estimated time frame on when this will be resolved, currently, the fix is being tested before being released to make sure there are no additional issues.

Good to know. Thanks