Wyze Sprinkler - Moisture level going to zero 0% next day


i just recently got wyze sprinkler with sprinkler plus. my problem is that the sprinkler system reset the moisture level everyday to 0%. it is happening every day and even when it rains. On the day when it sprinkler water it shows 100% saturation for all zone. It also show a gradual decrease of moisture for future days(going to 0% in 2-3 future dates) . however when i check the app next day the moisture level suddenly drops to 0% and sprinkler system is starting everyday. which is strange. what is the point of having sprinkler plus when the sprinkler is running everyday and wasting water, i spoke to people on chat and they don’t know even the basic of sprinkler system and always give me the solution to reboot or relogin on app. I am a great fan of Wyze and Wyze community and its hardware. the only thing i don’t like is the support. So i need help from this community if anyone has experienced it and found a solution to it. i have tried different soil and water combination. Smart schedule is currently set to run for 30 mins for each zone every 2-3 days. i have 4 zones. but due to this issue it is running almost daily unless it is skipped by other parameters.

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I am sorry you are having issues with this. Did support give you a ticket number and did you send in any logs on this issue. If so could you post the numbers here and I will get them to the team.

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@WyzeJasonJ Thanks for reaching out. Yes a ticket was raised(ticket# 2074748). I also sent diagnostic logs through app. However it looks sprinkler plus is now behaving the way it should be for past 2-3 days. I am not sure if somebody changed something from backend. I will let you know if i see this issue again. I appreciate you for going extra mile and reaching out to me directly.


Thank you for letting me know it is currently working for you

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I had similar issue. I know it rained over .7" at night and app showed 100% at that time, but then the next early morning it was down to around 50%. I manually overrode it back to 100%.

Then this morning I know the sprinkler schedule ran (my grass was wet) but the controller didn’t say it ran and the moisture level stayed at 0 and it was going to run the schedule again tomorrow. I overrode the moisture again to prevent double watering. I hope the upcoming 1.0.9 firmware will fix these constant issues because I’m about to throw this in the trash.